New Shopkeeper Idea


I suggest that a new shopkeeper is introduced called the Mysterious Bandit, which could appear once a week in a hidden location and players must follow a treasure map quest to find him each week, for finding him you could get access to his inventory and could barter with him, he could have unique legendary items each week, this would also introduce a more entertaining environment for players to explore and hunt for the loot.


This shopkeeper sounds similar to the Agent of the Nine trade “Xur” in the Destiny games.

He would randomly teleport around within 6 or so different spawning locations in one of 2 areas, but he only appeared on Sundays and left around noon CST. He would sell different exotics (which are the legendary equivalent of Uncharted) and various bits and bobs for a steep price, so if you needed it for a collection piece you had to pay up.

So I generally like this idea, and would like to see it implemented, but I do not see it happening in the future. However, you got my vote and support. :smiley:


Il upvote this suggestion i like what you said, needs a little bit more detail but its good
FMCC Said on that reply and im hoping it gets added


This is a great idea. Maybe he’s he can spawn in the WZ and you have to find him there. Would be really cool.

You’ve got my vote!