New Kit for farming and expanding /dirt


I noticed that there is no dirt kit and it should be added. We are given a per-made island that has very limited amount of dirt to make a decent farm however there’s a cobble kit already added to the server but we are required to make a cobble gen as a quest. So That seems redundant to have cobble gen and kit cobble, thus why isn’t there a kit dirt? You have kit wool, kit clay, kit glass, kit cobble, but not kit dirt for the farmers on uncharted. People don’t want to buy dirt when making a farm and creepers always ruin the land. Also, it is difficult to get more dirt if we don’t have a weapon that gives double blocks that you mine up. Make a weapon or kit dirt to solve this problem, I know there are others that have trouble getting dirt, either for farming or island expanding.


There are stacks upon stacks of dirt on your island, you just need to look in the right place.


Not enough and plus you have to dig through unneeded stuff that not a lot of people even use. I for one rarely us clay and that’s what the majority of the island is clay!


The only clay I run into on the island is the hardened clay, but if you are underneath the surface it is mainly dirt and sandstone.


and what happens after you used all the dirt that is from the island?


If you are using that much dirt, than you should easily be able to afford to buy dirt from the store.


there are people that rather use the money for better stuff than buying a single block of dirt for 18 gold each time, that’s 1,152 gold a stack, no thanks.


I’m aware of the price of dirt, thank you lmao. But if you are using your money on better things rather than invest it back into yourself. I don’t know what is better.


getting god armor or improving on weapons that require gold


Well than this kinda on you. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, to eventually make even more profit, than there is nothing the server can do for you. They give you to tools and supplies, but what you do with it is on you.


you are forgetting that skills require gold so I am making an investment on getting better. the server just started and they have suggestion forum for this type of reason to improve what tools and supplies they should add in to make the server enjoyable for all, so the server can do something for me. What gives you the right to decide if this is a bad idea for the server to add in? I will know if I need to buy dirt once I get a responsive from staff if they want to add this idea in.


The suggestion forums are for suggestions yes, but they like to hear many sides to an argument. You’re making a suggestion for a dirt kit, and I’m making a suggestion against it. I am also not forgetting skills require gold, we have said nothing about skills before your latest post, so it hurt your argument. Everyone also has a right to decide whether something can be put it, by giving their opinion on the matter. We have no final say, only the devs do. Investing is skills is investing in yourself yes, but there are no skills pertaining to farming, as this suggestion is mainly about.


there’s another idea, make some skills for farming, also for the idea of having a dirt kit is so the player has the option to get easy access to it. it’s the same idea for cobble, glass, clay, and wool which all have kits, for your argument on buying dirt you can do the same with the other blocks that also have kits so it seems appropriate to create a dirt kit, while they’re at it include a sand kit. adding the kit doesn’t hinder you as a player, it is there to give a helping hand to new players and certain type of builders, so why disagree on an item that won’t get in the way of your enjoyment but can help others to find their enjoyment for the server


The blocks in most of the kits are not accessible easily, i.e the clay and glass. The few blocks of those that can be bought in shop are extremely expensive, basically telling you to buy the kit instead of the item.

My disagreement has nothing to do with my enjoyment, nor that of other players. Dirt, Sand, and Cobble are some of the 3 most requested blocks within the Uncharted economy. You may complain about buying dirt in shop, saying its too expensive, but most people will sell it for 700-800 a stack in the community market.

I do agree with your idea of adding farming skills, though I don’t see them doing that anytime soon.


Yes! it is true, they should add a kit ‘‘Dirt’’ and it should be placed in ‘‘UnDead’’ category.