New items for Builder Shop


When building on my island, I find a lot of good materials necessary for building are unable to be bought, as you might know. I am not talking about the price of obsidian, simply the availability of some blocks on the server. The blocks I might suggest to add to the Builder, include
-Coarse Dirt
-Dark Prismarine
-Endstone Blocks
-Lily Pads
-Mossy Stone Bricks
-Sea Lantern
-Nether Bricks
I apologize if any of these blocks are accessible at a certain level, and I do not know if they are accessible in the shop.


Adding uncooked fish would also be amazing because right now ocelots are useless because we can’t turn them into cats!


I agree, and more spawn eggs could be added to the summoner, such as Slime and Blaze spawn eggs.


I agree adding these would be easy but the devs would have to make sure noone can sell them for heaps by finding ways to get them easier now they are probably not gona sell for much but you never know and its a small thing to add I dont know if they will do anything about it straight away but just hope they do at some point