New enchant ideas


we should have some sort of enchant that gives jump boost and speed I have seen it on many other servers with custom enchants seems like a very fun enchant to have. also as a side note a enchant that gives speed 2 or better would be nice also


that would very cool!


yes it would be very cool I just hope a mod or a admin sees this post


I think the jump boost idea would be interesting to have or even a jumping potion. If you have max spike you have a chance to get a short speed boost. They do have speed potions so having a speed enchant being added might destroy the idea of stamina potions. Having new enchants would be nice though mostly in defense for armor. Any enchants they have now can all be put on the armor, so having more would be nice because it will make you have to decide on what you want on your armor and what you want to sacrifice.