New Designed /toggle menu


Introduction: So Currently the toggles menu doesn’t look fancy so i decided to make an example on how the toggles UI can be improved


  • The Mob Spawner: Represents Toggle Spawner Messages (/togglespawners)
  • The Nether Star: Represents Skill Messages (Command can be like: /toggleskills)
  • The Gold Ingot: Represents Toggle Market Chat (/togglemarket)
  • The Skeleton Head: Represents Toggle Death Messages (/toggledeaths)
  • The Note Block: Represents Toggle Local Chat (/togglelocal)
  • The Clock: Represents Toggle Timers (/toggletimers)
  • The Sign: Represents Toggle Private Messages (PMS) (/togglepms)

The Name Tag: Represents Server Announcements (A cool Toggleable feature) -
Brief Summary (For Name Tag):

So sometimes it gets to spammy with the Server Announcements saying UNCHARTED: and i think having this as a toggleable will be nice to not have so, there isn’t a lot of spam when the server chat is dead

Some New Toggleables

Explanation: (2/2)

Note: If there is [+] means a new toggleable

[+] The Grass Block - Able to toggle Island Invites from other players (Command: /toggleislandinvites)
Brief Summary for (Island Invites):
Sometimes Staff or YouTubers on there server get many Island invites and it can get very annoying over time since your getting flooded with many Island invite messages_

[+] The Iron Helmet - Able to toggle Crew invites from other players (Command: /togglecrewinvites)
Brief Summary for (Crew invites):
(Similar to Island Invites)

  • The Paper Represents Toggle Global Chat (/toggleglobal)

[+] The Enderchest - Able to toggle Legendary Item Messages (Command: /togglelegendarymessages)
I Know this was already suggested just wanted to point it out again here :slight_smile:)

Brief Summary for (Legendary Item Messages):
Sometimes it gets very flooded with LEGENDARY messages of people getting Legendary items and its very annoying seeing so many Legendary Messages (Orange Text) in the chat

[+] Broken Stone Bricks - Able to toggle Crew Chat Messages** (Command: /togglecrewchat)
Brief Summary for: (Crew Chat Messages):
This can be optional to be added but i was just wanting this to be a toggleable so you not have your chat flooded when your crew members are active and you are unable to see Global chat

[+] Diamond Sword - Able to toggle Ally Chat Messages (Command: /toggleallychat)

Brief Summary for: (Ally Chat Messages):
Sometimes the crew your in has a lot of allys that are active and sending many messages on the Ally Chat it gets very flooded with many messages and you can’t read any global channel because of how much the chat is flooded

If your wondering what the Arrows were they are just To navigate on the Toggles UI Back and forth

– Thanks

  • Alan

A /toggleenchants command

Really good UI design