My Note Collection


I got permission to upload this by Chad as long as it was put into the right channel.

This is the value, quantity, maker, and eventually creation date of EVERY note within my note collection.
It is separated by [Non-Staff], [Mods, Former Mods & Admins], and [VIPs].

Please enjoy. :slight_smile:


Is this what you spend your time doing? Go catch some leaves, take a walk in Caswell Memorial State Park, take in a movie at the AMC Movie Theater, or maybe even witness wildlife as it should be at San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge.


I spent 20 minutes on this :confused:


20 minutes that could be spent learning to knit. Spend your time wisely young man.


Iā€™m sorry I will do better in the future :frowning:


Kara gave you a note man i am jelly all I have is a screenie


This is actually a very big note collection, keep going, goat! :stuck_out_tongue:


I am on track to beat the challenge! :slight_smile:


Big Boy Bumps to the top. :slight_smile:


Send notes I feel scammed.