Mob stacking suggested tweaks by Risin


While mob stacking is a great feature for lag for players and server alike, it has many drawbacks which is why I believe that there are some tweaks that should be made that players especially advanced will agree on. While this may not be too big of an issue now (still is for advanced players) it definitely will be a pretty big issues upon release of OP spawners.

Current Issues

  1. Grinders have become a lot harder, while before you could make a farm that takes one hit to kill mobs now it takes 2-3 hits with a diamond sword making. If you make a mob fall 20 or so block in minecraft it becomes 1 hit to kill but when the mob stacks, the first mob is one hit to kill but the next one is back to full health as it sees it as a mob just spawned hence messing with mob grinders.
  2. Exp is harder to get due to that as regular diamond swords without damage enchancing enchants take 3 hits to kill a zombie. This means more time used and more durability lost on the item. If a player wanted to use an enchanted sword it would still be 2 shot unless a charm is added to make it half health. With the high cost of repairing enchanted tools we are better off not using diamond swords to grind exp lol.
  3. It makes big farms near useless as a farm with 20 spawners is near just as efficient as a 50 spawner farm.

Future issues

  1. With OP spawners being added one of the spawners we expect is iron golem spawners. With these spawners rolling out we would expect it to be a possible alternative to cacti farms to make money. However that won’t be the case if mob stacking isn’t changed. As they are a high HP mob and already take a while to die even in lava, once there are over 8-10 spawners it will take a long time for the stacked golems to die as they currently die one by one so if there’s enough spawners to keep a constant stacking, it’d cause there to be minimum difference between 15 to 50 ig spawners.
  2. Can cause the same issue explained to other OP spawners thay may be added (as none were confirmed I can’t be sure) such as ghast spawners.

However to make things simple I’ve already thought of possible solutions :slight_smile:
Possible Solutions
• Make it so that specific stacked mob killed by any other reason such as fall damage, lava, cacti, etc. other than player damage it does not drop exp but kills the whole stack and multiplies to loot. To be more clear, if a mob stack of 3 Iron golems are killed bt lava, all 3 would die at once and drop the loot of 3 iron golems instead of one.
• Instead of having mandatory mob stacking, ad an option to disable mob stacking on the spawner gui.
• Adding a spawner charm Oneshot, mobs only need one damage to die.
• Adding a skill gem Grind, range of only 1-5 in 20% increments to one hit any mob.

Thanks for all your time I’d really love to hear what other players have to say as I’ve seen many people complain about this. My last post was able to get changes warzone chests and Oren spawner rates so hope to see positive results from this aswell to resolve the stated issues faced now and ones coming in future.

Thanks again,


I doubt they will add this as it would allow people to intentionally lag the server with a lot of mobs.

I believe the entire stack is already killed by fall damage, however I agree this should also be added for lava/cactus.

A skill to deal more damage to mobs would definitely be a good addition, it would help speed up grinding experience.


Yea would make spawners alot more valuable and alot of people would stop using cactus farms and have to spend alot more money to gain alot back and would make crew raiding alot better considering people will use the crew islands to put spawners there instead of just building cactus farms and would make it so that mob grinding for EXP alot better and easier or add an enchant that makes it so that the sword deals more damage to mobs


I definitely agree with what you said, especially when it comes to grinders. Some mobs go right through the lava if they are stacked and don’t die even. Which makes auto grinders useless if that happens. Even grinding xp levels takes longer since they are stacked. I think what you stated should happen. You got my support on this matter.


Having optional mob stacking will most likely not be implemented because as Coll said it would allow players to lag the server intentionally. However I do like the charm and skill you have thought of and it would certainly make spawners a more go-to thing in the future


I got lazy and didn’t read it all but good luck


If not optional stacking then there has to be two things implemented, one, the skill/charm to one shot mobs. But IGs must be unstackable, all factions and sky block severs have it like that and even if they are stacked they are set to die and drop loot at once. No one on the server as enough money to lag out the server with IG spawners. Server is not as weak as you may think that it’d crash due to 2 or 3 crews with 10+ igs but if that’s the case then have stacked igs that due and drop all the loot at once to reduce lag.
I appreciate all the positive feedback from the players @Turqmelon this may be something you want to read :slight_smile:


So uhh I guess there’s not a lot that i could add to this description, but i can think of one thing that i would like to see and that’s spawned mobs not being spawned in blocks. I know it’s not much of a thing that’s super relevant to this post but i think it would be a good thing to fix.


I agree on most of the points stated above, the Toggle feature for Stacking is a bad idea though, since it could issue too much of a lag. But Uncharted do need some more Mob-damage Skills so we’re finally able to one-hit monsters again, same to the point of the Iron Golem Spawners which may be added soon.

  • Also, there should be a fix for Mobs spawning in their own spawners and die by suffocating, this is honestly not a regular Minecraft problem, since many servers and also my singleplayer world do not have this issue.
    I love the whole Spawner feature at all, but its annoying if you have to build up to your Grinder to hit a Stack of Zombies out of the spawner they spawned in so you can kill them for Experience instead of have them slowly dying by suffocating.



sounds excellent. some of the features sound awesome