MightyGaming stole from me



Mightygaming stole 3 of my spawners he stole my gold spawner diamond spawner and zombie spawner I forget what the levels where on the diamond and the gold but I bought the zombie from the shop and I logged on today and all spawners are gone I cant get on his island and he is the only one I have invited to my island I only have my creeper spawner and I just opened it before I went to my island and found out my spawners where taken out of the chest they were in plz get them back for me oh yeah this does not matter but all my carrots are destroyed and my pigs are dead and 2 chickens are also dead


First of, read this

and second, u will need to give enough evidence of your case, like /is info (if he is a member of ur is thats good for you, screenshot that)


As mcscientist said, you will need to file a report in the link provided by him. (Also, linked HERE)

Also as he said, you will need to provide proper evidence that he stole your spawners. Possibly include the list of members of your island (which you can find by doing /is list), and if possible a confession to stealing them. A confession is the best form of evidence.


when I go to follow the steps and new message does not appear


It will unlock when u spend time on forums


how long does it take for it to unlock


i don’t know but it unlocks when u get a badge


If you believe a player has stolen from you, please create a player report at How to report a player

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