Make Fishing More Interactive


Fishing was released yesterday and it seems to have gone swimmingly, this could be due to the addition of the QA team or some other factor. This is in the lack of bugs…

The thing is I find it a little unappealing along with most.

At the beginning it’s a fun, new, and a thematically fitting feature that is the take on an existing feature in the game of minecraft and puts an uncharted spin on top of it.

But after 20 to 30 minutes it becomes tedious and boring. You can’t watch a movie, talk in chat, or even do some homework while doing this because of the random timer that dictates when you fish up a drop.

So if you want to fish there really ain’t much to do but wait.

Which in my opinion is rather boring.

At the current moment I lack a solution but hopefully a community member or some other figure can create one.

TLDR: Make fishing more interactive and intuitive


I don’t seen an issue with this fishing feature “Being boring”, overall it’s been great there a some skills that make the wait time a decent rate to catch a fish.


Try it for about 25 minutes doing nothing else with nobody else.


i still didn’t find it boring


Hm, I doubt it, if that was all fishing was and you did it every week you are basically telling me you wouldn’t get bored of the same quick time repetitive action.


I totally agree with this