Looking for crew~


I am looking for a chill crew that is somewhat if not well organized. I was in a clan when I first joined but it was soon disbanded due to the leader being banned. In any case, I plan on helping out with any crew matters that I can, maybe do some warzone runs with crew members, help building on islands if need be, or even share materials if someone needs something. I am a very laid back player so I will admit that my pvp skill is probably a 6 out of 10, however, my bow skills are on point if I am running in with a few teammates. I do have my own cactus farm that I am still expandind so I am not someone who is just trying to join a clan for resources. I just want to have a good time and have fun with a crew as opposed to playing on uncharted solo. Until then, stay squiggly people~. Also my discord is MrSquigglyLine#9169 if you want to reach out to me on there~!