Lonely at Uncharted



There is stuff off comin Turq gave news yesterday


I’ve seen Dylan n joofle post pics of only ones on lol sad to see the server fall I doubt it can ever reach it’s peak again.


It will risin I know it will :wink:


I can say that I am glad that some people haven’t given up on the server. I haven’t given up on it nor do I plan to. Kind of a shame of how inactive Havoc crew is now, maybe 2-3 are active and that is it sadly.


Hfl has an average of 6-9 players on at one time. :’)


Why was the recommended on that video Fortnite. DISGUSTANG!


Enjoy the peace and quiet for now. :wink:


We already know who it is… :slight_smile: :eyes:


But is it only that one :eyes: