Level Rewards Past Level 100


So I am currently level 110 and will continue to go higher, but I think more level rewards should be added due to the fact that others are getting closer to level 100 themselves. More skills also continue to get added which requires talent points to be used on them which I have no way of getting more unless I go buy sunken keys which I don’t want to use my money on. Having more level rewards being added will make it to where I can get more talent points and also make it to where when other players reach level 100 then they will already have more rewards they can work towards to collect.

Tell me what you think, if more level rewards should be added or if you think something else should happen regarding the level rewards. Have a good day :slight_smile:


Since im one of the people trying to get to over 100 im in favour of this idea.
Why not reward the people who are active on the server also, if you get a cap on rewards its not worth anymore doin any quests etc. Why go trough the work for no rewards.

I agree completely with Walking


I agree, but I also like Luca’s suggestion that was posted ages ago that can kind of feed into rewards past level 100 or prestiges.


I do like the idea of a level prestiging but I want something that shows that I actually made it past level 100 and not just a whole reset on my levels. Cause if that were to happen then to be honest that would ■■■■ lol


I know of other places that not only give unique rewards for prestiging but I also believe they get a number or roman symbol next to their name to indicate the number of prestiges undergone.


You’ve done many suggestions regarding this isn’t that to much?


This is my first time making a suggestion post about this topic. So what do you mean?


I mean, you already created this suggestion and there’s another suggestion based on this i just find unnecessary to do multiple suggestions that’s what i trying to point out but i do agree with your suggestion


How about a free level 10 of every undead kit + 5000pearls


That would be way too op. Level 1 of every undead kit would be too op also considering you can just use those pearls to upgrade a few of the kits up.

I would say 5000 pearls is reasonable and/or a Undead kit of their choosing is more fair, but is still op.