Level Prestiging


yes but get progressively harder idk so few people are level 50 maybe make leveling to those harder to even the hard and the easy out


I still think it should be level 100 in my opinion. Level 100 is hard to get, level 50 as Gigavern and me both said is to easy to get if you have something to work towards. So I would rather see it be a level 100 place because then there will be a reason to get the better rewards. If it was at level 50 then to many players could get it so easily. Even if I wasn’t level 100 I would still say 100 is a better place for it to start. More challenge, more of a reward afterwards.


Plus it would bring a sense of accomplishment and become a long term goal not just something you might complete


Agreed, when I got level 100 I was happy as hell, level 50 is to easy to get in my opinion


Dead thread I know, but with max magician skill, someone could get to level 50 so quick if they decided to grind for a few hours every day. With the wizard exp, plus races, plus dailes, plus login rewards and also regular quests level 50 would be a piece of cake for someone who has time on their hands