Level Prestiging


As many of you may already know, we already have had a player on the server surpass level 100. This means that the team needs to develop a way for those dedicated players to continue their adventure. One idea that many people on the server had is Prestiging. This means that after you reach a certain level, your quest progress and level rewards would be reset. Below is a breakdown of how everything would work. Feel free to leave your questions, comments, and suggestions below. This suggestion has been creating with the input of many members of the community.

Level Reset

This could be done one of two ways. Either you could have your level completely reset back to one, and then get a symbol next to your level each time you prestige. Or, your level could just keep growing, but quests and level rewards still reset. All level rewards should get better each time you prestige.

*Prestige Rewards

Each time you prestige, you would get a few rewards. Here are a few ideas I had.

  1. Prestige Crates (these could include super-rare god items on available in these crates)
  2. Sunken Chest Keys
  3. A Kit For Each Prestige Level With Armor, A Sword, and Tools
  4. Cash
  5. Pearls.
  6. A New Island Each Time You Prestige

Cost of Prestiging

After reaching the right level, you may have to pay a certain amount of gold to prestige. It could also cost a certain amount of XP or Ores to be spent.

Prestige Quest

In order to prestige, you may have to complete a prestige quest, an extremely challenging quest that’s different each time you prestige and can only be started once you are a high enough level to prestige.

Quest Reset

After prestiging, all quests could be reset. The quests should get harder, and the rewards better with each prestige.

Level to Prestige

You could either have it so that a player can prestige every 100 levels. Or stack it so that the first time it is 50, the second 75, the third 100, etc.

Level Rewards Past Level 100

+1 Vote for “Level Prestiging”



I like the idea, I think the prestige should happen every 100 levels. Since then you will start to get even better items. Another idea could be how when you first start you get T1 sunken keys once in a while when you level up, so when you hit level 100 for the first time the loot will get better and they keys will go up a level. Since it would be my first time if this happens then I would start to get T2 sunken keys once in a while to replace the lower level ones. Then of course it would go to T3 sunken keys once that level is hit again.


+1 vote Great idea


Awesome idea can’t wait for this to be added


Thinking back on this adding a way so after you prestige the quests get harder and the rewards differ would also suite the server quite well.


I like it but the new island type is something I would hate. Put all work and builds into island just for you to unlock another one? eh I have 2 islands already and i do not like them.

But i really do like the idea and i would say do it every 50 levels as no one (Except you know who walkingcurse) isnt high about level 50 so that can be a challenge is to be lever 50 for prestige 1


I also like this idea because it adds more longevity to the game and give leveling up more of a purpose than the level rewards.


Getting level 50 isn’t really that hard of a challenge, so in order to get better rewards then the level should be hard such as level 100. It is hard to get but will be worth it with the rewards, level 50 would be to easy in my opinion. So they shouldn’t give better rewards if it is set at level 50 in my opinion because it would be to overpowered as I see it. Especially if it means you get T2 sunken keys and other legendary loot easier. Have to make something in the game hard to get so people can work towards it. Especially if all quests would be reset, at level 50 you could have plenty of quests that still need to be done possibly. So to me I would say level 100 is where it should start the new prizes and the reset of quests.


you know the 2nd highest level is 62 right? people reallllyyyy struggle for level 50 granted everyone has their own level of difficulty just so happens you have 0 lol. I think you should receive prestige 1 at 50 prest 2 at 75 and so on because that is reallllyy hard for people.


also maybe reset quests at level 100 yes
and the really good rewards at 100 too


So overall i love this idea.

And i have some additions to add to this

How about when you prestige you get “Doubloons” With this you can upgrade specific things in game like getting a new island with doubloons or you can buy Pearls with doubloons )
(if you want to be specific you can do so and reply on this post)

You will receive 10 Doubloons when prestiging then getting more and more.

Some Other prestige rewards:
1,5K Pearls
2 Sunken T2 Keys
10 Doubloons
A Chance of getting a Undead Kit


What is with you and doubloons? Lmao.


Omg stop it fm lmao it’s a pirate themed server just trying to make it like one with doubloons


I dislike the addition of doubloons all you’re doing is adding another currency with features that could be built into gold or pearls.


Also level 50 isn’t hard to get a majority of the veteran players are near there or above it so making level 50, a level most could reach in a month, quite boring.


a month is a long time really most things needed to prestige doesnt last near as long


No doubloons 3rd currency would be horrible
but i like the other ideas but i think it should be just a chance of normal kit not undead
undead would be too much


Prestiging in all games needs to be a feat to accomplish and is supposed to take up time and be a driving goal, what you propose sounds like a quest not a form of prestige. Prestiging needs to be long and hard, a month to prestige is too short. Also the things needed to prestige are levels, which last infinitely.


Great point i agree with you