Let's talk about it (State of the server and what we'd like to see)


Restarting a server just because of that isn’t a good enough reason. Look at other servers, do you see them restarting because of that reason. Yes you have your own view on why the server should do a restart and I have mine on why it shouldn’t. Regardless it is the admins choice to do as the wish with the server. Now if you really want to continue this feel free to message me on discord so we don’t blow up the forums please.


Please keep this thread on topic.
Further discussion about the reset, when one is not and will not be planning in the foreseeable future, will result in the thread being locked.

If you would like to discuss the need for a reset, bring it to PMs or create a new thread regarding your thoughts on it.


If I’m not mistaken the thread is on topic, it’s a discussion about what the community would like to see and wants a discussion to be sparked, if a restart (something I’d like to see) does not fit this than yall out of wack.


This thread is for the state of the server and what you’d like to see, not a 40 post discussion on resetting the server. :blush:


Would a restart not effect the state of the server?


I’d like to see a reset, and the discussion isn’t 40 posts long there are plenty of posts dwelling on different matters. To be exact only 10 of the posts are walking and I discussing the reset.

Not just that but is this not put under general discussion meaning a place to share and criticize ideas. If I’m not mistaken this thread is not only on par with the category but my posts on par with the topic


My posts seems to of disappeared. :woman_shrugging: Oh well.

As I was saying, it doesn’t seem to matter now that the server is dead.


This is NOT off topic at all. This post is about the state of the server and what you would like to see. We are giving our opinions. I thought the forums was made for opinions :thinking:. Also, it doesn’t matter if this post has many replies. It’s just a popular topic. That doesn’t deserve for it to be locked.


Regardless I have said that if he wants to continue this discussion he may personally message me on discord along with anyone else that wishes to discuss that topic. No need to continue it on here :slight_smile:


@WalkingCurse @Gigavern in non offensive way pls stop your discussion as the sensitive topic of a reset will not be solved with a back and forth argument all it does is clog up the forums everyone has their own different opinions and seeing just a few of those replys this is obviously a never ending chain of reasons to do or not do a reset so I kindly ask you pls stop


This is the only warning I will make about this thread…

If you want to make a separate discussion about if the server should do a ‘reset’ then by all means make a new thread and continue the conversation there.

But I’m going to put it very bluntly here, if a Moderator asks for something to be adhered to, I expect people to listen to the moderators and not try and argue about the issue with them. Plain and simple, if you’re going to start arguing with a mod rather than listen to their request, either they or I will act accordingly.

If any more issues comes through this thread I will close it. This is my only warning.



I didn’t say the reset needed to be now or that a reset is currently needed. What I did say is after the server has its key features out they should do it as it has more ups then down. Post isn’t regarding reset that’s only 1/10 of it literally. We don’t need to agree on a time but we can agree that a reset is needed eventually where some things such as kits kit levels ranks flight passes (perms) and some things should be kept the same. However as of this current moment a reset isn’t needed but yes it’d be ideal to reset when the key features are up but I’d presume that’ll take till 2019. Also walking idk what server you play but the longest I’ve ever seen a server up per season is 6 months for skyblock now days most server don’t run maps for more than that usually a lot more like 2-3 months. But my main point of the thread was regarding YT mostly. We don’t have to agree but atleast try to agree the server is stale and the player count proves so.


Well now this post will end cause. Chad


Welcome to Uncharted.


Considering this is the only statement I made other than the initial post it’d be stupid to close it. Any additional info would be preferred then bickering and ignoring others :slight_smile:


I enjoyed the server because there was always something new to do and improve on but now if I hop on which is not often now I will either grind to level up or make money for what reason im not even level 50 yet and im not gona compete with Walking to get leveltop. I would like a reset but then again I wouldn’t probably play because im just going to spend another few months doing the same thing for nothing so unless something big changed then I won’t be interested. The server is basically like factions you build a base, raid, grind and have fun. factions resets every so often and after that they add new things and have new maps so maybe you could do the same so players have different stuff to do and new players are not that far behind with learning how to play.