Let's talk about it (State of the server and what we'd like to see)


Gear and skill easily outweigh each other. Vex has proven time and time again on other servers to be the better pvper, but on UC he has worse gear than Will. Having gsets doesn’t mean you can kill a tank.


Will relies on lifesteal. Many times on many other servers he has lost to me. Heck, even Dacol watched me beat will 10-0 on a potpvp server. I’m only better in skill, he is good in luck. Luck is not skill. And I also used to be the killer of Will a lot. He beats me because 1. I don’t try anymore and 2. I don’t even play the server as much as I used to.


Off topic now lads. I agree with walking that a reset isn’t needed as of yet, but I like the idea of a reset at New Years personally. Allows players to forge new alliances and forget about old politics and such. Wouldn’t it be hilarious to see Walking and Will allies one day, I think so… I just want to be able to go in the war zone and either be killed or get a kill every time I go there. That used to happen, it doesn’t anymore due to newer players being scared of either Vex, Walking or Will (you cannot deny that)


So true it hurts

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I dont think because you put in hours and achieved things like the rest of us, that it shouldn’t be taken into the fact that a reset is needed.

Once you get everything what is there to earn, you successfully drive out the players that have achieved everything there is.

So if you want to stay at the top do so, but allow others a gameplay experience. It’s not like the meta will change, just a restart will allow those to relive the good and the bad and possibly a new map allowing for exploration.

It would be nice.


I get your incentive behind this reply this just isn’t the way to say it gigav ern it’s hard for someone spending hours on something and the having it gone in an instant


The server hasn’t been up long enough for a restart plain and simple. I am glad they won’t do a restart because yet again it is not needed. Most servers don’t do a restart just to satisfy new players. Some older players actually like how it is without a reset. You won’t ever convince me otherwise because I am not about to lose everything I did. The server still has a lot of growing to do, so till the server has been up long enough for a restart then I say no :slight_smile: you won’t change my mind.


Nicely said :yum: very professional


Your arguments are futile against those who disagree. Most of us have put in countless hours into the server and completed everything worthwhile to do so we are left with nothing left to do other than kill, or attempt to kill, those who have better gear and/or higher skill, to gain gear. Other than gear gaining there is nothing to do. They need a massive content haul, not a reset.

Not like it would matter either way, once you are gone, you’re gone.


Yes it has, there is nothing to do besides go for level top 1, its not catering towards newer players its simply because there is absolutely nothing to do.

If you aren’t going to be able to change your mind, I’m not directing this at you, more so stating my reasons.

I don’t understand how you find something to do as you’ve achieved everything there is to achieve, what? Create builds? That can happen on any server, and to an extent a server still in 1.8 is quite horrible for this.

Or are you going to try to raid the non-existent player base and finish your quests? Or come across even more bugs with the quests.

What I’m saying is that when it comes down to it, the server is only good for newer players, for older players it becomes worse for other functions such as building.

Your accomplishments should be displayed, but that shouldn’t make it so others have nothing to do.

Unless they release sustainable content, like a 100 quest update, it won’t be easy to please to the older audience.


Its hard, sure, but it doesn’t make me reword the text, the fact stays the same no matter the circumstance, if your new, or if your old, it stays the same.

Its as simply put as it can get, and that’s how I want to keep it.


I think he meant that more time is being spent updating than looking for bugs, its how simple bugs like the “Quest Rewards” bug getting through, either expanding the QA team, or spending more time looking for those bugs, it would be much better.

That’s why a change of schedule would be nice, turn it into more condensed and longer lasting content, while allowing for time to look for bugs, its all around a good idea.


@WalkingCurse would you be open for a reset in the future though? Like at New Years for example, surely people would want a fresh start eventually, and NYE is over a couple months away, how much more stacked do you want to be lol??


Once the server has been up long enough for one to happen then yes, but this server still has a lot of growing to do. Also depends what all we get to keep when the reset happens. Anything I spend pearls on such as kits and the kits levels I want to keep. Plus a few other things that won’t affect other players.


What do you mean “grow up” there is no growing up for the server to do, besides adding new content which is happening every Friday, or do you mean get more players? Because if so that could mean never getting a reset.


By me using the term “grow” I mean adding more things on the server such a dungeons as a example. The server has not been up long enough for a restart. Most servers don’t do restarts as it is and if they do it isn’t till a couple years if not more. This server still has a lot more to add, and as the admins said this isn’t their first time running a server so I am sure they know what they are doing. If they say a restart is needed then I can’t argue with them, I can only talk to them about the items I would like to personally keep. Still though as for a restart I doubt one will happen for a long time still since this server hasn’t been up long enough for one.


Years? Are you kidding, the server won’t survive for years with the declining playerbase, not only that but you make it seem like you want them to add everything then reset, what new content will come with the reset then. In my opinion they should reset THEN bring out more content.


They can’t just reset it when the server has hardly been up. Resets are meant to happen when the servers have been up for a certain amount of time. I do not mean they have to add everything then reset it, I didn’t say that nor mean for me to sound like I did. I meant the server has to be up longer then it already has for a reset to be needed or to happen. if that means a few more months to years then that is what it takes, that is all up to the admins, not the players.


Right now, I think it’s best if the server doesn’t restart. Personally, I haven’t had the chance to explore all the stuff in the Warzone and just got enough money to be able to build some decent structures on my crew island. I guess I’m really biased, but I think there should be a bit more time before a reset is implemented. As for the high level players who have nothing to do, I’m sure that the devs will have an update that will fix that. Just my opinion on the topic.


The server has been up for a small amount of time I agree, but the thing is it shouldn’t be years, but the thing is the server needs to cater to newer players as well so maybe when adding a new yter restart it allowing new players to join and increase the player base. Note this server hit 100 players ONCE and they left the next day due to older players having too much of an edge.