Let's talk about it (State of the server and what we'd like to see)


So it’s no surprise that Melov Dev. Are doing their best to try to keep the server up but I think myself and many others can also agree that have been making moves that are not the best for gameplay. I’ll elaborate on that later but I’m simply making this post to express how I and many others feel towards the server and the way it is at its current state. I hope the higher ups get their eyes on this as I feel I’m about to point out some important stuff.

  1. The current player base and cause.
  • The server has been on its rock bottom for a while now from there being times with literally 0 players to average 5-20 players. There are two factors that are causing this, one lack of impactful youtubers and lack of enjoyable things to do on the server. I will be touching into both of those and how to fix it.
  1. Youtubers:
  • So, here’s the truth and the sad one there has been a very low rate of success in terms of youtubers recording here. What I mean is once a YTer makes content here, not many people join and there are some factors that play into this that can and should be changed. Stop trying to get huge youtubers, more subscribers doesn’t mean more people joining. The huge youtubers usually these days have a very young audience and one that usually don’t even have minecraft accounts ahem ahem beckbrojack. Their audience simply isn’t interested in the content, bigger youtubers easily get concerned with a slight drop in view and decide to quit. I’ll put it like this, getting 5-8 youtubers with around 100k subs and decent views is a lot better than getting a youtuber with 1 million subscribers. Don’t believe me? Just look at VanityMC they signed smaller youtubers ranging from 10k to 100k but multiple of them ones with more of a mature audience and they are getting well over 1k players at all times no spoofing or anything. Example of other servers that this has worked for is PvPingMC pvpwars and others. In short: stop going for bigger youtubers with pretty low views instead go for smaller YTers if you want a better turnout.
  1. Reason to play and return.
  • When people watch videos of their favorite YTer getting slaughtered first episode because of how over powered older players are it doesn’t necessarily make them want to try it themselves. People need a reason to play and newer people need a better chance to get OP if they grind for it.
  1. Leaderboard rewards
  • Follow up to having reasons to play, introduce leaderboard rewards. This would mean that there would be monthly or weekly rewards for leaderboard players, with rewards that’s worth playing for such as buycraft vouchers or even PayPal rewards. This works well on servers and just gives people the extra bit of reason to play. Rewards don’t have to be crazy, but something that a daily player would love getting the chance to win. However the rewards shouldn’t be for something like top balance or just levels but based more on team work such as a raiding leaderboard or something of that sort.
  1. Seriously buffing the crates.
  • I’m sorry Devon and others that call the shots it’s hard to know the state of the server when you don’t know the player base or play for yourself. Every old player is as stacked as they possibly can be, only thing to possibly do is grind levels or money none of which even has any point anymore as either there is no one to compete with or people simply can’t grind in weeks what people have gotten in months. While a new player still has issues getting a sword and armor with enchants older players like me literally have tens of sets, in my case 52 full sets of gear. The answer is seriously buff the treasure chests, increase the pearl to gold conversion rate as it is just not worth it anymore, don’t believe me? Just do /baltop. Buffing them can literally have no issues because older players already have what they could possibly get and it gives newer players the urge to go to the open seas. This can make the open seas alive again just look back at how tier 1 chests were, that should be the actual tier 1s and the other chests just need a buff instead of nerfing the t1 like they did.
  1. Voting rewards and leaderboards.
  • Youtubers aren’t the only way to promote a server, it can also be done well from voting. We all have gone on a voting site to see a server I might be interested to play in. It brings in players and with a catchy banner saying its features being placed on featured or getting to the top 20 or so monthly voted servers could bring in huge amounts of players. Voting rewards should be something like 10-15k with some other stuff, this way people would have a reason to vote. There should be a slight chance of getting something like legendary/spawner/sunken chest aswell. But the bigger picture is, have a vote top system. Where the top 3 voters of the server get 50,25,10 dollar store vouchers. Point is to get the server another way of getting player to join which is a lot more cost effective and not as hard to do and is more long term benefits with no loss basically. If you have any YTers starting off, have them show off this feature and it’ll do the server justice.
  1. Tweaking raiding system.
  • Raiding should be in a way that it happens more often but it’s hard to raid someone successfully. Currently there has only been 1-3 crews that ever raided, it’s a feature even I never had the opportunity to test out. The guardians just need a slight buff and the raids should be easier such as 2-3 raids a week for a crew that plays. Currently the crew island has no risks because literally no one fears being raided and has the benefits of using the OP spawners. There’s a few ways to do this, make an enchant to get fragments easier but this won’t work as many people just don’t go to the warzone to be safe. Better alternative is simply removing the idea of fragments, make there a system where a crew has to pay something like a fee of 100k-1million to get a raid on a random crew island. The crew member must be online and there will be a 20 minute sailing time so the crew being raided has a way to defend and the raiding crew can also get raids more often. But remember if that’s the case the guardians would have to be buffed.
  1. More warzone aspects and events.
  • Add more warzone events such as king of the hill or a custom event like apocalypse where lots of zombies would spawn and stay for 5 minutes, person to get most kills gets rewarded with something like 100-250 pearls.
  1. Boss eggs.
    -We know dungeons are coming, something to compliment it is boss eggs. Would have to be either bought with pearls or spawned as a server event or both! Rewards should be based on most damage and can only be spawned in the warzone. When it spawns it should be announced in global chat along with the nearest dock or cords so others can participate.

  2. Economy changes

  • The economy needs changes from the cactus warts and for that small group of people that use emeralds. Prices need buffs not nerfs, other crops and farms should be usable for money instead of the same thing over and over. Things like iron needs to be buffed because from the same price and emerald spawners, they are absolutely garbage.
  1. Newer spawners and patching old ones
  • Add spawners such as ghast squids and other mobs such as zombie pigmen as a way of making money. Patch mobs spawning in blocks and have them spawn in air or on top of a block that it worn suffocate on.
  1. Sad truth.
  • Thing is, if you ever want to make the server as fun as it once was it needs to undergo a full reset where it comes back with the existing features and more. Youtubers would join and hype it up at once and the server would be fun to play with a bigger playerbase and lot more things to do. Because things like leaderboards and all are hard to just throw in and it’s hard to get players when a server has players that played months before them. But hopefully this would happen later in time, till then I’d like to see the features above pushed out but not in a hurry. If there’s an issue patch it first instead of ignoring or deleting the thread.

Former mod and staff recruiter.


Very well done! I really like how you managed to address some major issues and even had some solutions! :smiley:

Hopefully a higher up will see this and maybe implement some changes suggested <3


I honestly believe that instead of every week a update they take two three weeks every update so its not rushed and they could test bugs and make sure everything can go smoothly. also if the update is every 3 weeks lets say it could build some hype for it and keep people on there toes and interested in the server. I say this because I myself some times just see what the update is and say “oh its just another boring update” and it makes me lose interest and that has happened to a lot of people I know most of them even quit uncharted because of it and that’s kind of sad. also reminder spawners are still bugged isn’t fun at all its a pain having to push them out of block because there stuck and suffocating and spawners have been out for a while and it still happens.


@skullboy6, we do test bug and clean up alot before any update is released. That’s the intentions of our Quality Assurance team.


Keep the post related to this if you need then pm him thanks.


Don’t think a reset is needed just a mega update that Sparks the server again like a continuation of the quest line


I agree with the smaller YouTuber point strongly. Been thinking about making a post about it for a couple weeks now but just didn’t know how to say it. You nailed that point perfectly :slight_smile:


I understand hence why I put it last but hard to carry some things out without a season two and it’s hard to balance things and get people up and excited and wanting to return. Resets are required every server of this sort hence why things like factions and skybock is so lively there’s always things to do. They gonna have to do it eventually because things need to be changed. The answer to bad youtuber outcomes isn’t just trying to get bigger youtubers by to get smaller YTers (you save a lot of money and it’s a smarter move in the long run). Would like to see your opinion regarding the other things mentioned thanks.


I understand your point even I look forward to an eventually reset but for the current new players and some old players it will be hard to fit into a completly new environment so a reset is welcome just not now maybe at the end of the year or early 2019


Would be dragged out more than needed tbh, it’s a nice date to call it New Years but it’s not a smart move, they should just put out the updates needed and revamp things. The leaderboard rewards shouldn’t back active now but after the update imo so that they can do like an island top or a crew top system. But let’s see what they think of this post.


I think a reset is well needed, its come to the point where nobody can compete with players like WalkingCurse who owns bal and leveltop and is in what is considered the best crew after zFF died.

A reset would bring new features in and allow a different environment for older and newer players alike.

Resets would allow crews to want to grind, people want to be able to be number one but with the current standings impossible.

With a reset you would have to change all the quests, make em slightly different, bring a new feel into the game.


Love how non confrontational and respectful this post is towards an important topic. I don’t care if you bug test, doesn’t mean it always works as needed Karluu. Many great points here should be discussed over that though.

I personally would like to see a reset but only once all the ducks are in line. Doing it now just would cause more to leave since there are no great rewards for grinding from nothing right now. Op players would just feel slighted.

I agree many things need to be revamped. Personal islands are pointless now. Why would I care about hand planting when crew island trumps anything else? Nerfs should be used with caution not just thrown around to take something out of the meta (like cocoa beans).

Like many have said stop with the weekly updates only make big ones a month. Every update comes out sloppy and not well thought out which loses hype on the server like west nolem which most can’t even afford to get in and once you do nothing is there.

I love the server and hope for a rebound just there are some things needing fixing.


I would honestly agree with a reset for the server since older players had a big disadvantage in the early stages of the server opening to the public and newer players have a disadvantage to older playerd getting killed in the war zone by people who have better gear, Also a nerf to Weapon and gear skill gems for example Lifesteal is way to broken atm


Thanks for the feedback!

All of these points are stuff we’ve already been taking into consideration – however, theres’s a few points i want to address.

Creators we reach out to have close ties with us. We are more than happy to expand elsewhere, but those we work with are ones that have already reached out to us. Those we no longer work with are simply due to lack of consistency, inability to agree on a fair compensation for traffic, or simply aren’t a good fit. Over the last couple weeks we’ve already expanded our outreach to cover more of what you’re suggesting, but as we don’t already have the established relationship, this can take time.

Early game tweaks such as an adjusted quest line and complimentary soul shields have been implemented for new players to account for this.

We believe strongly in creating a stable game experience without bringing in IRL rewards. This simply promotes toxicity, hacking, and cheating. While I agree that leaderboards and rewards of some kind would be fantastic, simply paying out money is not a great option.

We don’t balance Treasure Loot around the top 1% of players, it’s balanced over what’s consider quality items for the community as a whole. As for return rate on Gold when buying them with pearls, we agree this can be tweaked and we’ll be making some adjustments accordingly.

Voting does literally nothing for servers besides annoy your players with constant ads to do it. We’ve done extensive research into this, not only for Uncharted, but for many of our previous projects as well.

Introductions of "Random Battles’ is planned, as can be seen in the /crew battle GUI.

Additions to the Open Seas are planned

Boss eggs are likely never going to be added as they simply don’t fit well into what we wanna do. Bosses being part of dungeons though? Definitely.

Price adjustments coming sooner then you think. :slight_smile:

Also panned!

Getting it out of the way now too: A full reset is currently not planned at this time.

Thanks for the feedback and hopefully I’ve addressed some of your concerns!


I personally like the reset idea but it will really mess up some of the players insensitive to stay on even me I just got finished building some new farms and am getting op it would be nice though to have a chance


I for one am glad that there is no reset planned because it took a long time to get to where I am currently. Yes some players might not care about how long it took me and just want a reset but it would personally ruin the game for me and I would most likely stop playing if a reset were to happen. Some ideas that were mentioned did seem good but not the reset.


This post is very well thought out but with YouTubers bringing fewer players than those that are leaving or have already left, it will be hard to keep a player base no matter what happens.


I don’t think this is a concern for us at all. We’re still looking for a creator that’s the perfect fit for us. That’s why we trialed a handful so far. We feel as though once we find the one that clicks best, these trends will quickly reverse. :slight_smile:

We’ve working in game servers for years, this isn’t our first project!


I think a reset would be great for the server, especially for the old players. This gives everyone a time to step back and restart than have new players come from a new yter, then get killed by an old player with god gear. An even better thing with what I just said is to completely revamp the server. This would freshen everything up. Even if you shut down the server for some time to get a good revamp, hype it up with new youtubers who come to play. This is would be even better making everything freshly new, and everyone starting over again to get good again WITH the new players. It would be very good. And another thing is to hype it up with multiple youtubers coming to join after the reset pretty quick. This would make it easier for new players to get started, with everyone else.

Personally, a reset is needed. Everything is unfair when new players come. Personally, I have 14 god swords, 12 god sets that are majorly over powered, a god pickaxe and god axe, and a rare longshot 9 bow. There is really nothing else I even need. I could grind levels or gold, but what’s the point? I already rule the warzone as the #1 player (Not being cocky, no joke) and have many sources. And grinding is pretty much useless, just for the antique when you are over level 30. I, and many other people in Hfl had quit the server to a 1.13 survival server with many other uncharted members. Really sad that things like that had to happen. I would come back for a revamp honestly. And the staff to improve honestly, no matter how much they defend their selves. Servers like SkyLords did this sorta. They hyped it up, got many youtubers to come on the release, then boom; Hundreds of players come and play, even thousands. Let me know what you think from this



Still disagree with the restart, even if you say it would be amazing it wouldn’t. Some players have put a lot of work into this server and got really far, such as me even. I would disagree with the restart because I put so much time and effort to get to where I am. Like heck there is only one person above level 100 currently which if a restart were to happen then there should be more then that. Also if you did rule the warzone then you should be able to kill @Will_The_wizard1 every time without help, not trying to be mean but logical. So my point is a restart is not needed right now, many servers have it to where it maybe unfair for new players when they first start but that is part of the challenge. So currently reset is not required, as they have already stated this ins’t there first time working on a server so I am sure they know what they are doing. Even if other players dislike it then oh well, there is a suggestion place where players can go make some.