Kits and Undead Kits


Kits in Uncharted give you a boost in the form of items. There are currently two different kit types: Normal and Undead. All kits are unlocked using Pearls, the premium currency of Uncharted. Read more about Pearls here…

Normal Kits

Normal kits can be accessed from the /kit menu while in Port Nolem or any island. Once a Normal kit is unlocked, you’ll be able to summon it an infinite number of times after the cooldown expires.

Cobble Kit

Shortcut: /kit Cobble - Cooldown: 1 Day

  • 256x Cobblestone

Price: 600 Pearls

Wood Kit

Shortcut: /kit Wood - Cooldown: 1 Day

  • 256x Wood

Price: 600 Pearls

Iron Kit

Shortcut: /kit Iron - Cooldown: 1 Day

  • 12x Iron Ingot

Price: 600 Pearls

Wool Kit

Shortcut: /kit Wool - Cooldown: 1 Day

  • 16x of every color of wool

Price: 300 Pearls

Glass Kit

Shortcut: /kit Glass - Cooldown: 1 Day

  • 16x of every color of stained glass

Price: 300 Pearls

Clay Kit

Shortcut: /kit Clay - Cooldown: 1 Day

  • 16x of every color of stained clay

Price: 300 Pearls

Mystery Kit

Shortcut: /kit Mystery - Cooldown: 3 Days

  • 1x Unidentified Gem
  • 1x Unidentified Rune
  • 1x Unidentified Essence

Price: 1,700 Pearls

Undead Kits

Undead Kits level up and evolve over time. Every time you summon them, they’ll gain XP, and whenever they level up, the contents within will improve.

When you first unlock an Undead Kit, they’ll be instantly pre-leveled a random amount (up to a possible level 10 right away!). You then have the option of boosting the XP of the kit using Pearls or through summoning.

No undead kits have yet to be announced.