Journey To The Open Waters Quest Guide [Tutorial Contest]


It seems to me that you need help getting started, now I’m going to tell you some steps on what to do and not do when doing this quest.
First I want you to begin the quest “Journey To The Open Waters” by talking to the Mariner. Next he is going to tell you to return to your island and make a stone sword using the materials you should already have mined up before. Then the Mariner is going to tell you buy iron armor at the blacksmith. It’s going tell you to buy a specific piece gear in a certain order and if you don’t do it in the order helmet, chest plate, leggings, and boots then you will have to buy it all over again. Once you have done that what I want you to do is go back to your island using /is go and make a chest to put your iron armor and most of your steak in. After you have that I want you to return to spawn using /spawn with your stone sword and stone pickaxe. Now you may start to die a lot here depending on what starting dock you are at (There currently 3 docks available: Skull Mountain, Castle, and Parrot). The last few things the quest i going to tell you is mine 16 coal and the 8 iron ore and then you will pretty much finished the quest after you talk to the Mariner again.
Here are some tips first the only safe zones in the open seas (war zone) and you have to talk to the captain in order to return to spawn. When in combat you can not enter the docks due to due to barrier blocks blocking. Another tip is that bringing a friend you can trust will help you survive in the war zone. One last tip is that there loot chests scattered around the map in set locations some require ender pearls and you want to pick up those loot chests by holding down right click and return to your island to see what’s inside. Now the reason why i told you not to bring most of your steak and iron armor is because people can kill you and then you will lost a lot of good items for a beginner. The iron armor is to help you kill players for a quest and the food well lets just say food is scarce when you dont have a farm. Be sure to read the guides for farming and making money.
Good Luck In The War Zone I Hope We Have A GOOD FIGHT