Jobs Available!


Nobody uses this so I’m going to

Are you a new player? Are you looking for an easy way to make money? Are you looking for a consistent way to make money? Well I have the job for you!

Job Details:

When I am online you can asked to be invited to my island for a job. The main job I will be giving out is chopping down birch trees. You get 500 per stack of logs and 300 per stack of extra saplings. You must replant each tree to receive payment. Limited supply of Iron axes are provided and an unlimited supply of stone axes are provided. You make work as long as you would like and you may return to the job as many times as you would like. Once you gain my trust you will be a permanent member that can work whenever you would like.

Job Benefits:

Once you join my island as a worker you can use some of the amenities. Currently there is a snow ball machine and soon there will be an auto melon farm (free food). More will be added to the roster soon


Are you interested to apply? Application format is below. Apply be replying to this post! (my contact info is below)


Time your on (in central time):

Contact Info:
IGN: MinisterNarwhal
Forums: Narbatwhal
Discord: MonkeyMan#6667


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