Jams3's Jolly Roger Flag! [Open Seas Contest]


Here are some screenshots of my Jolly Roger Build Event flag, possibly for a flag / Jolly Roger dock in the future!

If you have any ideas for other builds I could do please leave a reply!


you should include more builds. one single thing will probably not make u win


“7. One submission per person.”


One submission doesn’t mean one build…


You should make the flag have depth. Basically make it look like its being blown by the air, because it looks flat and stale like it is.


i agree with fmccc, make it more 3d and pop out


I love how it looks, although if you are wanting a new dock, maybe try making a port outside of it or maybe a ship, i know they use the same ship but they might change it up if you make a good one, I don’t know, just some food for thought.


They can only build within a certain limit, which I believe is 20x30.


the dimensions are 20x20x30


i love it!

But why not make it bigger?

Holes might look like it’s in an “open seas”
environment as well!


I just feel as if it’s too simple. Perhaps make like a bird’s nest below it or something?


I think there should be more detail to the build and more creative.


its a nice build, but theres not really much else to it besides the flag