Jammeh's several suggestions thread


Why, hello. I’d like to give my input into a few “sections” of the server, along with what I think could be done to make it a better place. Be ready, this may be very long.


Now, the discord is a good place already, in my eyes there’s not a lot that can be done in a discord that hasn’t been done already. There are 2 things I’m going to drop.

  1. In my eyes, #design-assets is not needed. While the channel is good, we have a #links channel already- why not stick the link in there?
  2. In support, we have “#questions”, and “#payments”. Why not merge this into a singular #help which can be used as a generalised location for anybodies queries?

Server - the chunky part of this suggestions thread.

The server is a great idea, with the whole “pirates and their own ships, but the open seas for all the PvP and the ore mining”- however, there are several ideas I’ve had. Some are QoL, others are expansion ideas.

  1. Make a PvE area - I have noticed there are a lot of people complaining about the spawn camping happening at the docks. However, this can not exactly be prevented. Instead of preventing this, I propose a new movement- a PvE area, with mobs. You could do this in several ways; you could have vanilla spawners under the ground which spawns mobs near every ore patch, or you could make a custom plugin to detect when players are near ore veins, and spawn mobs appropriately (it would be really cool if said plugin detected how much armour a player had and spawned a difficulty of mobs appropriately, but I’ll write a far more detailed suggestions thread about this idea if people are in favour).
  2. Nerf some of the quests - I was one of the lucky 200 to be on at the exact release time, twice. This meant I was one of the first to experience the “quests”. Now, some of them are simple, such as “Purchase an iron helmet.” However, some of them, such as “collect 15 chests”, are quite hard; with the amount of players on, it is very hard to get to a chest that hasn’t already been collected. I propose that the quests get nerfed or buffed appropriately, as it can be really irritating (although I don’t give up easily…)
  3. /locate - I saw a player joking about this in the server, and I thought about it and it can’t be too hard to implement. We’ve all been there when we’re looking for the mariner, only to run around spawn for a very long time before finding them. I propose a /locate feature implemented, which gives the X, Y and Z coordinates of an NPC. This would make it easier to spot the NPCs which would really benefit the server as I’ve noticed staff members just giving “he’s in spawn” as an answer, which really doesn’t tell a lot. (NOTE: This is a QoL improvement more than anything, but a cool idea nonetheless.)
  4. Market prices being checked - I have gone and looked at every vendor in the market and have noticed a few weird things, which I think could be fixed if looked at properly… such as:
  • Flowers cost 200 each, and are merely to look cool (in large quantities), yet ender pearls are 275 (used to collect most chests)
  • Bread costs 100 each, and heals 3 hunger bars. Steak costs 38 each, and heals 4. Baked Potatoes, however, cost 22 and heal 3. This makes the food system severely underbalanced imo, as we’re all going to look for the best cost/heal ratio (if anyone was wondering it’s currently Baked Potatoes).
  • The essence idea is good, and I see you implemented Essence 1 of each resource in the market, but I do not feel they should be at the price they are. While I get that they are at (orecost * maxess), they are not going to get max amount every time. This will discourage people from purchasing essence 1’s in the market. I think their prices should be lowered, personally, but that’s just one opinion.
  1. A better explanation as to what the runes/gems do - I’ve come to accumulate a few recently but I have no way of actually working out what they do. I propose a few commands that would work in a fairly similar way;
  • /enchants - there are several custom enchants among the server, or vanilla ones renamed (gravity endurance sounds very similar to feather falling?); this command could help players clear up what their special things actually do.
  • /runes - this could list each rune, among with what it does.
  • /leg - I personally like this idea but I don’t know if other people would- this would be a complete list of every legendary item obtainable ingame, organisable by categories such as Armour, Tools, etc etc; this could be used by those completionists to work out what they do and don’t have.
  1. I think the boat you spawn on after you die should have a few adjustments. I think the duration should be decreased to 30 seconds, as 1 minute after death feels like forever. I feel you should be able to do commands such as /r, /msg, in order to let your friends know you’re dead (for example).
  2. Usable TNT - We can all agree the spawn island is huge, I have just a 50x50 and it looks epic, but I’d quite like to customise my own. However, to do so, I’d have to break all of the 50x50; I really don’t have the patience to do something like that, not yet. I propose we get a form of TNT, which we can use to make holes of a certain size. This would make it a lot easier to clean up the island. This would also make for some interesting experiments, such as automatic stone generators- maybe force a player to have to place it themselves as opposed to being able to dispenser them, as some cool things could be made. Also, set it to Owner Only on your island, as anyone could grief using it- if ONLY the owner can do it, the owner can be held for any form of griefing.
  3. An auction house - Now, I know this has been said before, but I’d like to put it here anyway so that it counts as one of my suggestions as it’s something I thought about for a long time. I think there should be some form of auction house that revolves around gold. This way, players can sell things, risk-free.

That’s all for this thread, I hope I’ve given the server a few ideas as to what could be done.
EDIT 1: Removed the discord photo, took up a lot of space.


I would also like to see an auction house added to the server and the opportunity to edit our own islands as well. Maybe we do not want the giant ship on it. Even though it goes with the theme of the sever, we should be able to do what we want to our own island. Also, the trees, structures, and such are so tall that it makes it hard to create a good enough layout for an island shop or whatever you desire for your island.


I can understand the point about #questions & #payments , but wouldn’t it be better to utilize the payments forum section for payments instead of a discord channel? They could always ask in #questions and get further support on the forums through messages. :smiley:

I’ll be editing this post with any more feedback I have.


I really like your suggestions.
Also, good job on providing extensive explanations of each one


There’s a few ideas we’re playing with for this. The best thing we’d like to do is to make Ore Essences more common, so the “PVE” area would end up just becoming your own island.

More ores and chests have been added throughout the Open Seas recently, so this should be much easier now for a lot of these quests.

We have a few ideas for this as well, so we’re not going to comment on this quite yet.

Market prices are currently based off how easy it is to acquire and sell items – specifically food, less so on the actual nutritional value of food. Hunger in general in Minecraft is a pretty annoying mechanic, so we have no problem with Steak being common.

All gems have descriptions on them, and runes descriptions can be found in the associated skill in the /skills menu. We prefer not to document legendary items as they are likely to change often.

We picked the higher respawn timer as it gives players enough time to look through the items the Captain may have reclaimed. We’re planning to add an option to skip the respawn delay.

TNT is already craftable and can be used on islands!

Planned :wink:

Thanks for the feedback!



I like the idea for the design-assets and links but I say that questions and payments should be left
apart as they involve completely different things. If you have a question about the server it is not that
serious and should therefore go in questions but if there is a serious problem with payments and
the transfer of bought goods it should be in a different channel so that staff are not being pestered
by other players with less important questions.


I do like the idea of a PvE area, you could perhaps implement this as a secret area you have to find somewhere in the warzone and once you have found it you can warp there using a dock. Another good idea of yours was to have custom mobs.
However I would like to expand on this a bit. Custom mobs that detect the amount of armour is a very good idea and if the PvE area is implemented should definitely be put in. As well as this I would find it good if there was a chance of “boss” mobs or rare mobs to spawn. These mobs, once killed, could drop things like Treasure chests. The “boss” mobs could be something like “Undead Captian”.

When it comes to the quests I agree completely with you, they need to be nerfed. Not by much but at least a little bit.

/locate I find is not needed, it removes the slight challenge of the task and finding isn’t that hard. For example if you just stand in spawn Mariner will eventually walk past.

Market prices 100% needed to be fixed :joy:

Although I find the runes/gems are quite easy to understand and don’t need that much to explain them, a list could potentially be helpful though.

Usable TNT is a bad idea as people could potentially lag the server quite badly and I would love to see an AH


Thank you for your great and organized suggestion post! As we’ve decided to implement many of your suggestions, you’ve been granted a present on the server!

Happy playing!


Closing this topic in accordance with our new policy on suggestions summaries. :slight_smile: