Island save files?


Ive been making a roleplay on this server… now I havent filmed episode 2 yet but Im working on it, but Im wondering if It would be possible to get a world save of my island. Also Im looking at getting the other 4 (is it 3?)
other island types as well… if its possible I would really appreciate this as its difficult to do things without creative mode.

Thanks, MCl100


All you have to do for this is download World Downloader, then run World Downloader as your mod. Once you’ve done that you can easily just log in and download your island. I recommend watching this video to help: As for getting other island types you either have to unlock them yourself and download or hope that someone can do it for you and sends it you on this thread


I don’t think so, all islands are on the same world, so doing that would be kinda broken.


It still works as the World Downloader has a “multi-world” option


Actualy it would be but not by much, all that it would be is a world filled with islands in small chunks… which isnt that bad when you think about it. All I would have to do is find mine in the sea of islands


As i said above world downloader has a “Multi-World” option for servers with more than 3 worlds. This means that even if the world is the same it will be saved in a separate file.


I was told we weren’t allowed to download it.


Downloading a world is allowed.


I got my island, thanks for your help :3


No problem, glad I could help! :smile:


You can also use schematica and make a schematic of your island and then get mc edit and paste the schematic in any world


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