Is water really wet?


I’d like to have feedback on this very very important debate is water wet lmao.
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No water is not wet it only makes things wet!


Why is this a post haha


water is not wet water makes things wet


its not wet because its not


Water isn’t wet, asfor something to be wet it needs to have water molecules on its surface.Water IS water molecules, so adding more would just cause it to merge, making more water. Water is NOT wet.


Its Not Wet, Its Moist


I personally know that water (plural) is wet because

. This means that if there are 2 H2O molecules there is at least viewpoints where one is covering the other (like an eclipse) and as water is a liquid and it is covering another thing that thing is now wet. The End.


What if one H2O molecule makes another H2O molecule wet? Wouldn’t they be making each other wet, therefore being wet, as a whole? :thinking:



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