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Tell us something about you!

As a newly formed community I think we can all agree we don’t really know a lot about each other. Well this is the place to change that. Reply with something telling us a little about you, it doesn’t have to be much. That being said please do not post any sensitive or personal information that should not be shared with others. I’ll get the ball rolling by telling you who I am.

Who am I?

Hey there I’m Charlotte, but most people call me Char ^.^

I’m 19 years old and I’ve been playing Minecraft since early 2011. I’m the Community Director here at Uncharted and Melon Development so if you have any big concerns send them my way I don’t bite heh. As for hobbies I’m a big gamer and have been since I was a kid, growing up on games like Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Sims and many more. I’m also a Youtuber and have been loving growing such a wonderful community of almost 10,000 people in my spare time over the past 5 years. Outside of gaming I absolutely love sports and watch primarily American Football and even used to play Football/Soccer myself. When it comes to comic books I’m a huge Marvel/DC nerd. My favourite TV show is Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and favourite movie is The Avengers. I love meeting new people and finding common interests to start conversations about, I consider myself a social butterfly.

Who’s next?

So there’s a little bit about me, I’d love to hear from more of you out there in the world of Uncharted and get to know you all a bit more. Drop a reply and join in the discussion, you may meet people with similar interests to you and forge some awesome friendships!



Who am I?

I’m Kyle Bauske, the Chief Operations Officer at Melon Development Inc. and Co-Owner of Uncharted! I’ve been involved with gaming communities for over 6 years, and am proud to be able to bring you the amazing experience of Uncharted! I handle all branding and art for Uncharted on top of all the business operations. I’ve managed youtube channels with millions of subscribers, helped develop intensive marketing plans for games and products, and helped create giant communities of fans and players. I look forward to meeting many new faces as uncharted grows beyond our wildest dreams! Hope you enjoy the server!




Who am I?

Hello! My name’s Brighton but people like to call me Nannerss. I am a Moderator here at Uncharted and I look forward to seeing you guys around! Now a little about me, I’m 15 years old and I love video games. I’ve always been especially interested in games that are practically limitless and allow you to be creative with how you play the game - which is why I play Minecraft. I also love to do things with family and friends around my town such as hiking, going to the beach, etc.

That’s it for me! I hope you guys take the time to introduce yourselves as well and take the opportunity to make some new friends here at Uncharted! I look forward to seeing you all on the server!



Who am I, you’re probably not asking?

Hey :wave: ! My name is Stephen, though most people call me Stephen (my IGN is BlazeZekrom but that’s not important). I’m 18 years old, transitioning from my 1st year of college to my 2nd year. I’m a Computer Science major and an aspiring programmer. Gaming has been in my life since I was six years old. I’m one of your friendly neighborhood moderators here at Uncharted, but you may have previously seen me moderating over on TheNexusMC (rest in peace). As you can probably see, I’m a rather big Pokemon nerd. Been playing that since I was six, starting with Pokemon Silver. You may catch me bingewatching Supernatural at some points. I hope to see you all on the server when it launches!

  • Stephen (BlazeZekrom, but that’s still not important)


Who am I?

Hey, my name is Ellie, (AKA xEline) and I’m about to go into college to study a computing diploma. I’m a moderator here on Uncharted, as you probably noticed. I like to talk a lot to people and listen to music, especially metal :call_me_hand:, woop! I’ve been into gaming ever since my DS and playing LEGO Star Wars and whatnot. I have two miniature dachshunds so feel free to message me for cute doggo pictures! See you around :smile:


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Who am I?

Hello folks, The names Alex but y’all will know me as EliiteMemes. Im a 21yr typical Canadian country boy. I love to go camping fishing and pretty much anything to do with the great outdoors.
Some of my accomplishments include obtaining a gold metal in volunteering with the Duke of Edinburgh program, Becoming certified to work as a PSW for children and adults with special needs, and I’m currently working on getting into the field of work I want which is computer forensics and litigation. Ive been playing minecraft since it was first released and honestly have been completely addicted from that point forward… Ive been a part of many gaming communities ranging from ARK, Minecraft, Rust and fortnite. Im currently a part of the staff team here on Uncharted and look forward to meeting all you wonderful people in-game soon!

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Kia Ora!

Why hellooooo!

How’s it going? My name is Chad but you’ll find me around as Papa_Chad (Yes, I am a Dad before we move forward…)

I’m 29 years old and I play Minecraft, rare for someone like myself! A big gamer in heart, if you don’t find me on the server keeping an eye on you all, you’ll find me playing PUBG dying a lot!

I’m also from NZ, and yes Middle Earth exists and no we are NOT Australians! And fun fact I’m an ex-pro wrestler (Not that it really matters lol)

I love to help you as you set upon your journey in the vast lands of Uncharted! So feel free to message me when you need a hand :smiley:

Until then… I’ll be watching

  • Chad


Who am I?

I’m Nicholas, but if you wish you can call me Bunny. (My IGN is NewBunny22) I’m 15 years old, and I’m a mod here (:eyes:) I like many games, pubg being my favorite as of now. I’ve played Minecraft for over 5 years, and my first video game was Mario Kart 64, which I started playing when I was 6. I’m a Mario Kart fanatic, and a gamer at heart. I hope to get to know everyone as time goes on, and make new friends! I’ll see you guys soon!

Nicholas :rabbit2:



Hey there! I’m Devon, but you probably know me better as Turqmelon. I’m the primary Game Developer for the Uncharted project, but I also run Melon Development otherwise. I look forward to seeing you in-game!

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What am I?

Hello o/ I’m VoidLeEmo, or you may know me by Liam. I’m 15, and obviously a bit emo, and do bite, but not often enough to be considered dangerous. I was raised on video games like Spores and Minecraft. I love helping out, so if you got a problem feel free to ask me, and I’ll get you the help you need ASAP!

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Who am I?
I am Firestar311, I have been playing Minecraft since 2010 and been involved with the Minecraft Server communities for over 6 years. I have run my own servers, as well as been admin/developer on a few others.
Other than that, I don’t do anything else.

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Hi! My name is Alyssa; my IGN is LoveMusic. I am an 18-year-old who is obsessed with anything to do with games or books. I mainly play games that either have a story or are open. Ex. Sims, Minecraft, Slime Rancher. I have just finished my first year of college, and I am starting my second year in the fall. As of right now, I am only going for a general 2-year degree because I have no idea what I want to do for a career. I am a big dog lover so any and all conversations about animals with me are appreciated. (Same with books, I read a lot) I am super excited to be a moderator here on Uncharted! I love helping people in any way I can, so don’t ever be afraid to message me for help! I look forward to seeing everyone on the server! :smile:



Who am I?

I’m known as Forwxrds or Dracre. I am no different from many of you as I thrive a clean, fun and non-toxic environment to have fun with my friends. With Uncharted forming a new community, I hope you all take the time to come on board and set sail to explore the depths of what Uncharted has to offer. I look forward to forming new relationships with many of you and would like to see you around!

  • Forwxrds
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Woah Another Alyssa?!

Hey, I am Alyssa! Don’t worry, I already know that there are two Alyssa’s! Most people call me Aly when we are in the same room together! Which is why my user is AlyCat65. My mom gave me the name AlleyCat when I was young and now that she is gone from my life I hold the shortened name to heart. I am 21 years old (my birthday was May 28th so I am a fresh adult haha) and I do hold two jobs at the moment, one of them being the amazing Amazon! No, I do not get free prime. Though, I wish I did :sweat_smile: ! I have been playing Minecraft for almost three years now and love the game. I am super friendly and don’t hesitate to give me a shout if you ever need anything. I am also always up to talk about webtoon comics if you ever need a new comic to read ( or if you wanna suggest some to me :smile: ) I could talk about that with someone for hours.
Anyway, I think I rambled too much. I hope to see you soon!

~AlyCat65 (AKA AlyssaBallard65)

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I’m not a Hero anybody wants, but I’m a Hero everyone deserves.

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Who am I?

Well, most days, I don’t even know the answer to this. I am Glad or MissGladiator, rarely do people call me Jen, with well Generzon lol

I am a friendly gamer who also records some fun minecraft content on various servers within the community. I enjoy recording and editing content, playing Fortnite, and just being silly and savage with my Sister Char! I plan on uploading some pretty awesome content over here and hopefully make my usual impression of sunshine and a lot of Glad.

Hope this helps anyone who is interested in getting to know me. I love the color orange and my two kitties Jack and Junior. And of course I love my GladArmy! <3 Hope to see some of my fams here on the server too!




Who am I?

Hello there, I’m Aidan. But you probably know me as Usefulness. I enjoy playing video games, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, and many more are my favorites! I love playing unique gamemodes and sometimes even moderating them. I also really enjoy helping people and seeing my family :slight_smile: If you ever need any assistance or someone to talk to, I am always here.

  • Usefulness


Hope to see some sick content coming from you!

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Hello there people!

My name is Bram, or PandaCane, and I am from the Netherlands. :smiley: I like to play games such as Minecraft and Pokemon. You’ll most likely see me playing Pokemon games on my emulators. Some of my other hobbies are creating programs and playing hockey. I really love hockey! Well, field hockey. Ice hockey is hard. :confused:

Anyways, I look forward to seeing all of you on the server, forums and discord! Have fun. :smiley:

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My name is Dalen but most people call me Necro. I love to play skyblock and I hope I will be able to team up with some of you guys. This summer I will be working at a summer camp for the first couple weeks of June so I will not be able to play except on the weekends but that is okay because I always try my best even if it doesn’t go the way I want. An old friend once told me, “Whats the point in trying if you aren’t going to do it to the best of your ability.” hope to sea you all on the new server and hope I make some new friends along the way. You can always pm me on discord NecroWolf_#6999 if you want to team up or make a clan with me. Anyways thanks have a great day. Can someone gets me some treasure?