I discovered its not a great idea to recall and type in chat


I five minutes ago returned from the open seas with a recall elixer. While the timer was going down i tried to say that i got 4 tier 4 chests whithout seeing anyone. I recalled when i was around anyone, so i returned, got too much lagg and reloggged. When i was back on the server my godsword was gone (what i had previously selected). I think that i must have trown it out when i was typing. Can someone help please?


“I bust have thrown it out while typing” you lost it due to yourself and your actions so there’s no need for an admin to rollback your inventory or give you your item as you lost it yourself not to any bug or glitch or server related issues.


ehhhm, i lost it due to the server canceling my chat (most likely what hapened) , you should not trow out things when u are typing
this is not a glitch because there is no way to save the chat while transporting me to another dimention or whatever it is (on mojangs front)
still, it isnt intended to make u trow out your items when u dont want to do that


Not, a glitch. If this was the case don’t chat when recalling.

I don’t think you will get your stuff back as I was stolen from and even then I wasn’t given my stuff back.


The server does not have the ability to cancel your typing - that’s entirely client controlled.


Brain cells = lost. Chat is completely client side only thing server side has control over is what is/isn’t shown in chat and the logs for things that appear in chat that’s all.


Risin and Turq you arent getting my point at all. First of, i dont see why you guys focus on this being client side or server side
Second ,i got teleported (btw by the server to this be entirely be client side i would have to have OP) to another subserver/dimention or whatever it is. This cancels the chat,stops the chatbox and deletes whatever u were writing, i didnt ask for this.

I unfortunatly have to agree with Gogavern thats it not very probabel that i will see my sword back and i understand that u guys dont wanne do things that arent really necessary to do and that would only be nice to only 1 player.

So now i also ask that u add a kind of message with the recall elixer that its not recommended to chat while recalling. Thank you


The thing is, it isn’t a problem with a server, because it is a feature in Minecraft, upon returning to another dimension/server it will cancel your chat and there is nothing the server can do about it. You did throw the item out yourself so there is no reason for the server to reimburse you, along with it you would need screenshots of the item (I presume) to have a chance of getting it back.

The reason they focus on it being client side is because of the lack of power to server has over this. You cannot blame the server for this as it is your fault, and a Minecraft feature that is unchangeable.

Also its “Gigavern” not “Gogavern”


Just to revisit this toppic Gogavern, the server can do something about this

  1. teleporting me to my is (the island that has /home) instead of spawn (would at least cause less lagg)
  2. notifying me that u shouldnt type while recalling


No, they shouldn’t teleport you to your island, that’s idiotic. Secondly if they take time to add features like that, which are basically pointless if you have half a brain, it slows down when other updates that are actually needed to keep their player base to keep playing. Such as West Nolem, or Part 2 Of the Crew Update. You’re just feeling that you need recompensation for something that you did on your own.

Also what would teleporting you to you’re island instead of spawn do? Nothing.


So mr. Gogavern, we already know that the next update will be part 2 of the crew update, my suggestion won t cancel that or put it on hold. I dont know how the recall pots are coded but if you look at the commands it would be changing /spawn for /home.
I also dont want recompensation for that sword, but maybe its still on my mind that you killed me bcs you are a liar.
And to answer your last question: it will help when people have a bad connection, spawn is the laggiest part of the server. (I speak with experience)


I’m closing this topic. No action is being taken.