How to set up a proper afk cactus farm [Tutorial Contest]


I will be showing you guys step by step how to make a proper afk cactus farm, it’s efficient, automatic and good looking. All you need to do is stand at one spot and watch the cactus drop to your chests for you to sell them and become rich.

Step 1: Find whatever material you want to build it with. (You’ll need alot of that material so chose wiseley). I used sandstone because under the face of your island is filled up with sandstone.

Step 2: Find a place to build it, I used the outskirt of my island out towards the ocean. Start building a platform of how long you want it to be, that’s up to you. Then build 8 blocks out towards the ocean because the water flows 8 blocks before stopping. Make layers of 8 block platforms with one step up after the 8 blocks you’ve placed for however long you want it to be. Mine has 4 layers.

Step 3: Start placing sandstone, red sad/sand and cactus on top of eachother with 1 block space between every cactus. The sandstone is placed 3 blocks above the surface of the sandstone on the floor. I use red sand because it looks better. :wink:

Step 4: Now it time to place either fences or string, depending on what you think is easier to collect alot of. You place the fence/string on the side of the cactus, keep in mind you have to place it on the side of a 2 block tall cactus or it will destroy the cactus on the bottom. The cactus will grow up towards the fence/string and break because cactus breaks when there is a block on the side of it, then the cactus will drop down to the water, into the hoppers and slide into your chests. I used spruced fences because I think that looks way better than string.

Step 5: Go 3 blocks up from the bottom cactus and make another layer. Repeat this proccess until you have your farm as big as you want it. The bigger is it, the more efficient it becomes, meaning you make alot of moneyyyy. :smiley:

Your farm should be looking like this by now. As I said above, make it as big as you feel is necessary. I am obviously making a huge one. The afk spot would be on a block in the very middle of the farm. Best to set a warp there so it’s easy to access the spot. /is setwarp AFK

Boom! You’ve now succesfully made an afk cactus farm. I hope you all enjoyed this guide and I hope it helped you to make one yourself. :smiley:
Afking cactus is currently one of the best methods to make money, so I personally recomend making one of theese if you want some extra cash for little effort. There is of course a bit effort making it, but after it’s built, you can just sit back and watch the money flow.


I was actually looking for one of this size, ty Karluu <3


The only thing you forgot to mention is that the server only loads in a few chunks around where you’re standing. So when your farm is this big then you need to make sure you’re standing in a spot where everything will be loaded in.


Thank god I have a massive sugar cane farm out over my ocean, so I can just put this above it and load both farms simultaneously.


Obviously, the afk spot would be in the very middle of it.


Well some people don’t know about it so it’d be good if you’d add that to the guide


You know that size doesn’t matter because of the cactus farms mentioned in different guides can be build in a bigger size but just isnt shown as a big size.


Yes, but I haven’t built a cactus farm in years and there are dozens of ways to make large cactus farms. But this seems to be one of the easier ones I’ve seen for big farms.


Thank you so much , you help so much , great player :smile:


Aren’t afk pools forbidden


Afk pools is to avoid the afk timer so you never get kicked. Howevrr, if you stand still for long enough, the afk timer will run out and you get kicked.


Is there a reason to leave a 3 block gap between each layer rather than a 2 block gap since the cactus will never grow taller than 2 blocks?


I just do 3 blocks because I think it looks better. There is no problem as far as I’m aware of to only have a 2 block gap.


If i wanted to expand it so its longer will it be rather easy or a lot of reworking around the farm needed?


You would need to expand the width of it, then just keep building on and on as you’ve done sinece the start.


Ok thank you! It’s a really well made Tutorial, good luck on winning the contest!


Much appriciated, my dude! I’m glad you liked the guide.


I made mine longer length wise instead of super wide, because I put this directly over my sugarcane farm so I can afk both at the same time. :slight_smile:


I think people forgot afk pools dont work on this server


How so? It works fairly well.