How did you find Uncharted?


I found Uncharted through Chad. :smiley:


From The MelonLord Devon.
The Best painter of the seven seas Kyle.
And my little fun sister Char.

NO one speak of rhonim words around here speak that if you even mention him you’ll end up on the wrong part of the sea </3



Pelicans did this.



A little melon told me.


I found a message that said, “Go to” in a bottle by a shipwreck

I saw the many tweets from Devon



hi bertttttttttt


I went full That’s So Raven and had a vision…

Not really it may have been copious amounts of people retweeting it.


I actually found this server thanks to @Dire


:heart: i gotchu :heart:


@Dire posted a link to the Uncharted Discord in another populated discord and now here i am :smiley: Cant wait to play :+1:


My friend showed me the discord


Through a Youtuber called Mekz advertising it


my boy BabySprayz and knowing that a few people i used to play a different server with played it


My boy Gen made a vid.


I found out about it through MissGladiator’s Vid!
Thanks, Glad! So excited to play through all the quests! :smiley:


I was just browsing YouTube and came across a youtuber who made a video about this. It seemed pretty fun, and here I am lol


A reaper with a YouTube channel live streamed it ahem ahem. But this server is addictive.


MissGladiator, pretty much. :smiley:


A friend on discord told me about it when i quit a different server


that is cool dude, wow. omg. lol.