How did you find Uncharted?


I found uncharted by Devon’s tweet :smiley:


Same :stuck_out_tongue:


Not too sure, actually.


some melon d00d showed me it :woman_shrugging:


Through the anticipated sneak peaks from Devons account! Super excited to see it all come together and explore the shipwrecks!


I saw a tweet from Char and I follow the MelonDev Twitter page.

I cant wait for opening :grinning:


I first heard of Uncharted when I started seeing #leaks on Devon’s Twitter. :eyes:


Through Char’s tweet about the applications. Also @Chad played a big part in it. :eyes:


I’m not too sure, bit of a blur. There was this Char person, then something about like, watermelon? They kept asking questions about stuff. And now I’m here!


I found Uncharted by following Turqmelon’s and MelonDevelopment’s Twitter and I joined when I saw the recruitment tweet for needing staff


Found out about Uncharted when Char was announced as Community Manager for Melon Dev, then saw the tweet about applications for staff from Char

So basically thanks to Char! :rofl:


Found it by following Devon and Melon Dev, and found out about the pirates by looking at those juicy #leaks. :smiley:


Found it through Chars’ twitter page!


I follow Melendev Twitter and saw it then I saw one of my favorite YouTuber Char post about it so I can’t wait to see the server


I found it by the MelonDev Twitter


Twitter, both melon dev and Turq


I found it in a way which involved someone inviting me


A combination of Twitter from Chad and Char and also Char’s video


I found uncharted because @Chad and @Stephen had a “secret” and kept teasing people about it. Finally Stephen told me about it after I bugged him enough. XD


Totally not twitter…