How did you find Minecraft?


I joined cause youtubers played it like Char, Generzon, PrestonPlayz, Technoblade :slight_smile:


Back in 2011 my friend introduced me to it. It looked so weird at first, but I started to get a hang of it. I didn’t even realize servers were a thing until 2013!


Ali-A is how i found it, now i dont watch him :joy:


I love bringing back old threads :slight_smile:

I found Minecraft through DanTDM and his Diamond Dimensions series.


I found it through my cousin about 7 years ago.


I totally agree with you same for me


Creepersbane hi! :smile:


i found it in a weird way.
6 years or so when i got my 1st pc i wanted to play games in which i could make anything
and when i searched it minecraft came as a result


When I was like 9 or something club penguin was the game kids played a lot. So I did aswell and came across thinknoodles, he did some videos on minecraft but I didn’t like it. Eventually I found it to be a bit fun, he once did a uhc and I was introduced to the pvp aspect and another youtuber called the camping rusher. Really liked the idea of factions and bought minecraft to play with him (it went well I was mod there and in his faction so yay).


YouTube I got recommended a vid and then watched Minecraft for a year then played a cracked version and finally bought an account in 2017 and now it’s the only game I play