How did you find Minecraft?


I found Minecraft from my brother. We would play together in survival mode. But, I’m curious how everyone else found Minecraft.


I found Minecraft when one of my good friends introduced it to me about 7/8 years ago.


I saw my brother playing it about 8-ish years ago and I used to sit on the demo page playing around until I eventually bought an account :ok_hand:


I found it by watching youtube, this was a few years ago when I watched a more popular youtuber.


I found Minecraft through YouTube. I used to play poptropica and when I needed help through an island I would watch Thinknoodles. One day I discovered he played this different game called Minecraft and I got hooked. My friend tried to show me the game a few years before that but I didn’t understand the hype, but now I do. XP


Omg Poptropica I remember that game. :laughing:


I found Minecraft through CaptainSparklez when he did his first survival Let’s Play series. I thought “Huh, maybe I should give this a whirl.” January 2013 was when I started playing it.


I found Minecraft through a Modded YouTuber (Direwolf20) at the very beginning of his channel, I played on a friend’s account until 2013 when I finally bought my own.


I found it through my friend, about 5 years ago. It’s been an amazing journey so far. I still remember that 1.8 or 1.9 released while we were at school, we couldn’t resist to play it. :joy:


I found out about minecraft back in 2011 on youtube. i also started playing minecraft on the Xbox 360 then switched over to the PC {Java}.


I found minecraft back on my xbox 360 lol


My friends kept asking me to play but I didn’t like it because it looked like it had terrible graphics (typical of me), then I started to play and begged my parents to get it for me :eyes: (it took a loottttt of convincing)


Youtube. I found Bajan Hunger Games one day. The rest is history.


I started playing minecraft by being desperate to find a game to play, so I tried out the demon and it was great!


The true OG


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I was just searching up games on Youtube back in 2012 and was interested in Minecraft so I tried it’s trial and then short after bought the game


I found minecraft through youtube. Just 1 day i had a minecraft video in my recommended videos. And from there i ended up buying it.


I found out because the kids in my technology class in middle school would always play Minecraft instead of doing their work. I eventually wondered what the big deal was and convinced one of my friends to let me try it out. After that, I was hooked.


I found Minecraft when a bunch of my friends were playing Pocket Edition on a long drive, I purchased the app and started playing it a ton. I eventually bought an account 6ish years ago and fell in love with it.