How broken the new gsets are


At a current standpoint, there have been the new induction of gsets that use stacking talents to create an almost unkillable player.

What I mean By stacking Talents

In a sense its adding 3 skill slots to every piece of their armor and then adding enchants that stack on each other to every single piece.

Ex: Melee Endurance On Every Piece 4x the Melee endurance.

And let me point out the fact that not every piece needs to have max enchantment level. Only one does as it spreads across to the other pieces at the same level.

Why this is absurdly broken

Most of us are familiar with gsets, diamond gear with every enchant maxed to the users best ability. We used 3 gsets and swords while 3 of us attacked him and the fight lasted for a solid 30-40 minutes because of how broken his set was. The best part was that the man in the broken set never died. We simply stopped fighting as it took too long.

Before you say “you would’ve died a lot faster if you were by yourself” sure that may be true, but if everyone starts using these sets then you can expect every fight to be like this one.

Broken and time-wasting.



Yes these sets are broken and need to be fixed, but the entire fight you 3 were in the water trying to bow me. If it were a fight on land I would’ve won in 5 minutes. But yes these need to be fixed.


Fix this I can’t even get a regular gset


It doesnt take away the fact that it is a possible situation


I only made mine because Reeses said we could :man_shrugging:


So… I’m not very familiar with gsets since I never wanted or made one, but I’m guessing from what was told in this post that some enchants “stacked” on the gear, making the enchants more powerful and activate more often and that is a problem because fights last longer and create more stalemates?


Along with the fact it would activate multiple times when hit so you could jump off of 300 plus falls and have more than half health left with a full gravity endurance set


Well, that is certainly very overpowered. I always thought the gravity endurance was to stop a small amount of hp from being lost, but I never expected it to save someone from dying from a 300+ fall… seems a little strange to be able to survive that amount of fall damage… if this is the case for other enchants, we would have players becoming nearly immortal in the Open Seas… and that would be bad.


Yeah and thats the problem I heard they released a fox tonight but I havent been on.


Alright, I’m just hoping they nerfed the chances of enchants activating multiple times. Hopefully they nerfed it enough so that they enchants still work at a decent rate to be useful, but not enough so that they become overpowered.