Here's a game to play


Wanted to come up with something fun for interaction on the forums, so here’s the game:

  • Pick a movie or your favorite movie (nothing too obscure), and make a description of the movie, without giving too much away. (I will provide the first one.)
  • Whoever is next, you will submit your guess for the movie, then provide your own answer.
  • If you guess the movie correct, that person will like your post. But, If you don’t get it, someone else can put "(Forum name) - ‘movie guess’ ", and get the like if they were correct.
  • Hopefully not too complicated, and hoping this will be fun :slight_smile:


I am what someone will call an older movie. A bit of fighting. Gotta get a :+1: to live. When in Rome.

(I didn’t wanna be too easy starting off)


I thought 300 but isn’t that set in Sparta.