Hellfire Spawner Quest


Hello! So I haven’t been playing much over the past month and thus do not know how rare Hellfire Spawners are. Today I bought my first one from somebody and decided to use it for the quest. After placing it and letting it fully generate in I went to continue with the quest (netherrack, pigmen, etc.) and upon getting to this step I was just a tiiny bit puzzled.


From what I could tell only 1 quartz ore is there, and that is the one placed that starts generating in the netherrack and all that. I was wondering if there is another way to get quartz ore or if I have to get 16 Hellfire Spawners to complete this step of the quest (I feel like there is and I’m just having a dumb moment). This is kind of annoying considering I probably won’t be able to finish it in time for the end of the event. Anyways thank you for reading. <3


To my knowledge you have to get 16 Hell Spawners, which is to me seems hard since they are from legendary items in chests.


Hellfire Spawners transform blocks into others, If you use it near any other ore on your island, it’ll transform it into Quartz Ore.