Havoc [HVC] Was once recruiting [Richest crew on the server]


Havoc was a faction established by me on a server in 2015, we won every map we played and were only raided 3 times that too partially over the course of 2 years and over 10 different maps. Leadership is nothing new to be and I’m trying to relive the legacy of the elites here on Uncharted. I’m Risin, the richest player on uncharted and I want to make this crew for people who are dedicated to the server and the crew and want to be led by and fight amongst the best. This is a new crew but with high expectation as I want the best players on my team. We have plans to spend over 10million total on crew island first week of update. Will be recruiting around 20 players now and reducing the list to 8-15 keeping only the best of the players and kicking out any free loaders and rule breakers.

Reasons to join

  • Chill team of active and mature people to talk to ingame and on crew discord server.
  • Richest crew on the server with a crew balance of over 40 million gold.
  • Griders and farms with tons of spawners planned for the crew update.
  • Strong leadership.
  • Absolute best players on the servers from baltop and leveltop, everyone armed with best gear and lots of gold on the server. No room for people to leach.
  • Crew island planned to have 20+ iron golems and an unlimited mob exp farm along with other cool stuff.
  • Recruiting for ONLY next 30hrs, after that unless I know you well you cannot apply.

Our goal is simple, become the richest and most dominating crew on the server.

If you think you have what it takes to join my crew feel free to apply here.

Start a legacy, leave a legacy.

Best of luck,


Update: Now the richest crew with almost 10m lead on the 2nd richest crew.
Purchased spawners and godsets/swords for the crew and myself.


Yo Risin is there a spot for me if i get unbanned?


Always my dude :slight_smile:


yes, we need @Salabadon in our crew. he MUST get unbanned xD


Lmao, that is the tricky part :stuck_out_tongue:


yee dont think im ever gonna get unbanned


Dang I wonder what you did lol


Just realized even putting the link one line below in edit takes away the clicks, rip 40+ clicks lol


Recruiting for the next 30 hours only, exceptions may be made but good luck.


I just wanna say, you don’t have the best players in leveltop… Sad, go cry now


Although have both baltop and leveltop players and “enough spawners” we are no longer recruiting unless I know you.


How does thst constitute anything to do with closimg recruitment. That’s just bragging homeslice.


Because that was the requirements at the end I was looking for, leaderboard players and spawners contributions