Havoc [HVC] Recruiting


Havoc is once again opening its doors to new recruits. Havoc was established by Risin in 2015 as a faction that played multiple maps. We won every map we have ever played and over the course of 2 years we have built up a legacy of the elites. We plan to continue our journey here, on Uncharted and would like if you would join us. Our crew dominated Uncharted and we plan to do the same again, only the best will be accepted and only the best will remain. We are recruiting heavily over the next week and will be looking for active and grind-heavy members. Best of luck to you all!

Reasons to join

  • Chill team of active and mature people to talk to ingame and on crew discord server.
  • Strong leadership.
  • Grinders and farms.
  • Crew island planned to have 20+ emerald farms and an unlimited mob exp farm along with other cool stuff.
  • Over 15 spots available.

If you are accepted one of our management team will message you via discord.