Havoc/HVC Crew Island [Crew Build Contest]


I would like the rewards split, if I win pm me for who gets how much. Gl to everyone else.


Good luck! looks nice


■■■■ that’s a hot base


skull, its even hotter because i am in it


who can locate me in the vid? i look hot, don’t i?


Instantly disqualified because you ruined it.


rood boi. i will make us win


Only time will tell :slight_smile:


u guys didn’t submit one?


Lmao why would we? :stuck_out_tongue:


idk, ez pearls really if u win


Didnt see any1 in the video except bharp and walking they were looking very shmexy too bad oofle you arent shmexy enough so my eyes couldnt spot you


Google they didn’t post it cause they to afraid #:rooster:


@Chad entry time is over and there were two entries what do u plan to do?


I think they will just combine the 3rd place rewards into those of 1st and 2nd.


Adding 1 extra week nice


Bump made our base public they might aswell see it

Crew Island Contest Winners