Hall Of Heads: Public Museum


Hello all, I am making a museum on my island that will be publicly available once enough content is added. One section is a Hall Of Heads, I need well-known and important/influential players to donate their heads for this non-profit cause. Vex, fairywingsxox and ZachAnimations have already participated and Will_The_Wizard is planning to. I need you people to help me out and give this community a fun new attraction!

Players needed are: level 30+, crew captain or co captain, have over $1 mil majority of time, staff and VIPs, or you are just really well known for something in general.

You can choose anyone you trust to decapitate you so I won’t get the decap tag, although if you do trust me enough I do have max skill.

Thanks for considering this offer,


Me pls I have a level of 31. Bal of 4 mill minimum and am a crew co Captain


You’d have to pay big bucks to get my head. Only 2 exist. Pho and Giga both have one but if they do sell you’d probably be grinding for a month lmao.


But your (not allowed on the server
Have to do dis cause I can’t discuss punishments)


Does it matter if I’m banned? I am still one of the most well-known players on Uncharted.


Randy kid smh who are you