Good Luck MelonDev


I just recently found out about the statements made by Devon today on Twitter regarding Uncharted and its ownership. While I am currently banned from the server, I spent a lot of my time since June playing the server and overall enjoying my time here.

We made memories, legacies, and friendships that would be hardpressed to be broken. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

According to Devon’s tweet, which you can find down below, they are looking for new devs. Let’s hope they continue the content grind like MelonDev.

(You can find Devon’s tweet HERE.)


it been fun in this server


RIP server :smiley::sweat_smile::laughing::sob::sob::scream: Sad to see it go had so many dreams for it


It isn’t over yet, it’s just over for the MelonDev chapter of Uncharted.


I hope this time around the new owners will listen to their community a bit more.


Sadly that is true :sigh:


Maybe once the new owners come, we blast them with ideas? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m pretty sure that once the new owners see the bird thread and all the stuff I posted on there, they’ll bail out :stuck_out_tongue:


Not even my dead thread of sloths? lmao


Anyone know if they found a new owner yet? I’m still waiting for Uncharted to get some new content…


They have not found new owners unfortunately, but they have started working on other servers and games.


What are the other servers/games?


As per Uncharted rules, I cannot tell you the server name, though if you message me about it on Discord I can surely let you know.

But when it comes to other games… Devon has tweeted out that MelonDev is looking to hire an "ARK Server API plugin developer for a contracted project.
(You can find that tweet HERE.)


Join seasonal skies I am breaking the rules and I don’t care