Giant Squid Devouers Ship [Open Seas Contest]


In this build a giant ship is attacking a ship that has been sailing in the Open Seas. Please note that I did for some pictures download my island into a single player world to have access to fly and replace glass blocks with barrier blocks. Thank you and enjoy!

Also you guys should upvote me :smiley: not required but much appreciated


This looks very creative, good job!

Good luck on the contest :+1:


I would recommend you use the default resource pack when taking the screenshots


Yeah i totally agree.


Might want to add some details as it’s hard to see the squid’s head and see the different tentacles. I feel like under the sea would get much attention so I’d do it on top of the ship but cool regardless gl


this looks really creative, theres a small recommendation i have, try retaking the screenshots with a more natural looking texture pack, it;d look nicer if for example, you used a realistic pack, so the ship looksrealistic and has wear and tear from the squid destroying it


do u know any packs?