Ghost and Ghouls: The Shadow Sea Festival is Here!


For decades, the pirates of Port Nolem have celebrated the Shadow Sea Festival. This festival has always been a reminder for all the dark, mysterious, and even scary elements of their world and town, and this year is no exception… only this time you’re invited!

What happens during the Shadow Sea Festival?

The Open Seas becomes inhabited by more then just blood-thirsty pirates! Ghostly spirits known to the residents of Port Nolem as Pumplings begin popping up around the seas. These ghosts are extremely dangerous, but hold a very rare item… their Pumpling Seeds.


Pumplings have a decent amount of HP, hit hard, and move quickly - so it’s important you always stay vigilent while you’re out exploring and collecting treasure. Luckily, a few emerge during this Festival with tools to help you arm yourself.

You don’t always have to fight them, however. Pumplings will vanish if:

  • They’re lured into a safe zone. (A magical aura protects these areas from Spirits)
  • They’re knocked into water
  • They’re near a player holding a Spectral Torch

However, vanishing Pumplings will never drop anything. A fight is worth it if you want a chance to get their seeds.

The Specter


The Specter sells Spectral Items - super mystical and powerful items that have been combined with Pumpling Seeds. You can trade him for what he’s created, or purchase tools to help you survive against the hordes of Pumplings in the Open Seas.


Spectral Torches - 250 Gold

Spectral Torches are the easiest way to protect yourself from the evils in the Open Seas… and your primary defense against Pumplings. When held, all nearby Pumplings will vanish immediately. They’re mixed with a redstone torch and some of the dark magic contained within a Pumpling Seed.


Jack-O-Chest - 48 Pumpling Seeds

Jack-O-Chests are a limited time treasure chest filled with awesome loot! They contain at least 10 treasure items and a random sOoOOkY item sold by the Spectral Merchant! You could get something you don’t want, but you could also get a more expensive item! Will you take the gamble?


Pumpling Seed Booster - 750 Pearls

A new limited time Booster is now available from the Spectral Merchant! These handy boosters last for 2 hours, and will double the chance for Pumplings to drop their seeds when killed! Get grinding!


Shadow Sea Set - 64 Pumpling Seeds Each

The Shadow Sea set features the new, and exclusive skill: Shadowstep. For details, see more below.


Bat Cap - 32 Pumpling Seeds

The Bat Cap is an exclusive cosmetic, only available during the Shadow Sea Event! While worn, friendly bats will appear and fly around. You’ll never be lonely again!


Spectral Potion - 32 Pumpling Seeds

The Spectral Potion is an extremely powerful potion, that lets you tap into the spiritual energy of your enemies. While activated, you will gain the ability to see where your closest enemy is, based on a spectral arrow and a distance tracker on your sidebar. Spectral Potions work everywhere in the world of Uncharted and last for 5 minutes once consumed. Spectral potions will automatically ignore crew members, and players that are allies to your crew.

and more…

If those special items aren’t up your ally, the Specter also sells Legendary Chests and Ore Essences in exchange for any found seeds.


Shadowstep is an exclusive skill that can only be obtained from this event. It cannot be crafted, found from an unidentified gem, or found in treasure loot in the Open Seas.

It has a few properties that make it special.

Step through the darkness…

While wearing gear empowered with Shadowstep, a shadow clone of yourself will be left behind wherever you go. This shdow clone will always be present where you last were 5 seconds ago. Tap SNEAK to teleport back to this point, stepping through the shadows.

This location is slightly visible with a small smoke particle effect.

When you CAN’T shadowstep:

  • You cannot shadowstep to another world (Open Seas > Port Nolem, Port Nolem > Your Island, etc.)
  • You cannot shadowstep to your death location
  • You cannot shadowstep back to a safe zone if you’ve been combat tagged

When you CAN shadowstep:

  • While in combat, as long as your shadow clone isn’t in a PVP free area
  • After you fall or miss a jump to reset yourself (you’ll still take fall damage, so be cautious!)
  • After you ender pearl, to fake out an attacker

Full Set Skill Gem

Shadowstep is our first Full Set Skill Gem. This means for it to activate, it must be present on every piece of armor you’re currently wearing.

Come one, come all, and celebrate the Shadow Sea Festival!

All this loot is unique and exclusive to this event, so it’s important to obtain everything you can before November 1st, when the event ends!

Soul Shield Adjustments :shield:

We’ve made some mechanic adjustments related to Soul Shields with this release.

New Death Penalty

Dying with a soul shield active will now reduce the shield length by 2 hours – penalizing aimless running in dangerous territories. If you have less then 2 hours left on your shield, then it will cause it to expire immediately.

Adjusted Prices

To make up for this change, we’ve lowered the price of soul shields sold by Defender.

  • 1 Hour: No change
  • 12 Hour: 550 Pearls > 450 Pearls
  • 24 Hour: 900 Pearls > 750 Pearls

We think this adjustment is a good middle-ground to keep the value of the shields, while still enforcing a death penalty.

Bug Fixes Included in this Release :bug:

  • Black Wool joins his colored friends at the builder! It can now be bought and sold like all the others.
  • Various language adjustments to fix a few typos.
  • There is no longer a notification when a crew fragment is dropped in the Open Seas.
  • The Gem Crusher will not be overly greedy anymore – it’ll only allow you to drop in one gem at a time
  • Correct Rank related kits to not be referenced as “Undead KIts” when boosting them
  • Properly consider Enderman as monsters. They will now respect the correct light levels.
  • Remove tooltip for trying to target untargettable quest tasks with the hint system.
  • Quest-related kill tasks will no longer count your own deaths. (Suicide is bad.)
  • Headless will now properly function as intended.
  • Don’t tick trigger blocks that don’t really exist anymore
  • Add checks for ghosted guardians (Fix will be included fully at a later date)

Happy hunting, and don’t get too comfortable around the ghosts, pirates…

1.15.2 - Blood Moons, Squid Spawners, Balances and Adjustments!
Update 1.15.1 - Demon Undead Kit, 6 New Quests, +more!