Forum Adjustments - 2.2.0.beta3


We’ve recently upgraded our forum software. With these adjustments come some new features and changes.

Trust Level 4: Strengthened Flags

Our Community Leaders are dedicated players that answer questions, assist with concerns, and keep the forums orderly. With this forum update, their flags on posts are now weighted much more. A single flag from a Community Leader will now immediately hide a post until it’s reviewed by a moderator. Thank you for your help!

New Home Page

Our forum homepage has been better updated to highlight our posting categories and current featured content.

You can still access the old “latest topic” view by clicking Latest along the top navigation.

Recently Used Devices

Devices you’ve used recently to sign in to Uncharted are now visible in your account settings. Click your user avatar at the top right, then the gear and your recent devices are at the bottom. You can quickly logout any one or all of your sessions at once from here as well.

Hidden Presence

Don’t like other users seeing you’re online or typing? You can now become a ghost. Click your avatar, then the gear, then “Interface”. Just click the setting labeled Hide my public profile and presence features.

If you need help, let us know in #support:community-help!