Force- PRG Rebrand


As some of you already know, PRG is splitting into different directions, this crew will be PRG but rebranded, in order to create our own legacy. We are currently taking members, since this crew is new requirements will be relatively low but will go up when more established. Good luck to all applicants.


Level 10
Bal: 50k

Ranks or permanent fly will decrease these reqs for you <3


I would like to apply
IGN: Limebro88
Level: 15
Bal: 5k (Just did a large casino run)
Old Bal: 39k ish


accepted for a trial period <3 welcome


IGN: MoonlitTragedy (Capitain Rank)
Level 7…i tend to have a difficult time with quests.
Current Bal: 16k.


accpeted add me on discord MelonMessiah#4216 and msg me when online next <3


Ign Coulr
lvl 20
109k (I can make more with netherwart farm)
With Privateer


accepted msg me on discord MelonMessiah#4216


getting bumped again


IGN- SaucyMCSlayer
Level- 6 (have not focused on quests, will start soon XD)
Bal- 293,891 gold.(sold gear I gathered from a kill)

other: can spend about 8 hours a day every other week.


I love how much pride you take in killing Openables, it really doesn’t make that much of a difference.


He is just saying he killed someone in good armor dont give him a hard time. But i have to add that Openables has quite the bad sight, he was standing on top of me earlier today and didnt see me.


I’m not, but who you kill shouldn’t affect you joining a crew or not.


I was just excited to have over 300k XD


I was not worried about that, but the money of being able to re-sell his armor was exciting for me.


335 thousand dollars is a substantial difference. I were just explaining how a level 6 came to have that much, sorry.


If that is what you think go ahead :wink:


lmao- it is for me ig


there, I re-worded it if you think it was too egocentric.


Yeah that armour was worth about 500k and sword about 350k, and you yanked me it nice try :wink:


And I saw you I’m just truced with you :wink: