For a week straight now T'T


So here I am again… Maybe complaining but who knows… wispers I shoudl’ve made that post sooner…

The Iron Golem spawner doesn’t work properly, I’ve been moving it (lost a lvl) replacing it, Played with the lights
etc… Nothing seems to make the IG work and its kinda sad… Its part of my way to make money and its down (broken)

Would it be possible to see to this asap plz ?

Your’s trully Chark001


Can you post a screenshot of your current spawner configuration? Would be happy to provide some advice as to why your grinder design may not be performing as expected.



The logs could be obstructing some of the spawns. 2 air blocks directly adjacent to each other vertically is required for most mobs to spawn (and obviously with correct light levels as well)


Our igs are in the same locations roughly but there are more, just stacked on top of eachother. I see no reason as to why these don’t work. :thinking:


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