Fm's Uncharted Note Collection (v.2)


Welcome returning Uncharted v.1 members and those new players who are joining us during Uncharted v.2!

(Instead of reviving the old post from September, I’ve decided just to create a new, updated post. The original post can still be found HERE.)

For those of you who don’t know, I was the proud owner of the largest note collection on the server which totaled over $7.8 MILLION gold! Being the infamous note collector I am, I wanted to bring this collection back to Uncharted in its second iteration. Unlike the first collection, I will be collecting any and all notes, no longer needing only the notes of ranked players.

The spreadsheet below shows the value, quantity, maker, and (possibly) creation date of EVERY note within my note collection. It is separated into three different sections with different factors being shared by everyone in their section. The three sections are: [Non-Staff] (the average player), [Mods, Former Staff & Admins] and [VIPs] .

The [Mods, Former Staff & Admins] section is changed from its previous title of [Mods, Former Mods & Admins] and will only include the Mods, Former Staff & Admins of the current iteration of Uncharted (Uncharted v.2).

Now, with all of that said, who would like to give me their note(s) for the new collection?



yay hey fm and 20 charaters ;-;


I love that you made and upkept an actual spreadsheet. Maybe for V2, you might get my note. :wink:


I better get your note this time around.