Farmer Suggestions Part 3- Sugarcane


I personally do not like having one farm (cactus) being on top and everything else being nearly useless after having a nice Cactus farm. If the sell price for Sugarcane was buffed it could compete with cactus. Since Sugarcane can also be automated it would be able to work to a similar caliber of a cactus farm. Since an auto Sugarcane farm requires redstone and the water requirement for Sugarcane, Sugarcane should sell for around 5-6


if sugarcane gets good you will make big redstone farms that will lag the server and every player would make one


I understand what you mean with the lag. I have a decent sized redstone farm and in terms of lag its not as bad as you expect. It lags every once is 5-6 minutes for 10 seconds about. The lag on has about a 10 block radius and it doesn’t affect anyone at spawn/ other islands. And the whole point is that everyone has a cac farm. I want to bring more variation to the server which was done pretty well in 1.9 I believe.


Farms won’t be big things soon unless heaps of new players play because spawhere are released aND better spanwers soon aswell


this is a whole other conversation but in my opinion if spawners are going to be “money makers” it’ll punish dedicated players that have spent hours building farms