Escape Crew - Now recruiting!


:anchor: :smile: We are now recruiting for Escape crew!
We are a well established crew, considered to be the best by many (no brag :P) made by myself (Openables), ConnorJME and hxylee! We previously had quite low standards, but due to influx of players applying, we upped our standards to make us even beter! To join us apply @ 45 , and we will contact you over discord if you are sucessful. :smile: :anchor:


Benefits of joining our crew:

  • Access to a crew island with constant expanding farms
  • Over 20 people who can assist you in fights in the Open Seas
  • A very active crew - we kick most of our inactive players to ensure we only have the most active members.
  • Crew leaders who listen to the players - we take all of your suggestions into account and we only have the best intentions.
  • Moderators as the crew leaders - which means we know how the server runs and the best ways to proceed.


i have posted mine up