Enchanted Touch Level Increase


So as we are all aware the max level to enchanted touch is currently level 5, which gives us a 50% chance to keep the spawner level when broke.

I suggest that we make enchanted touch go from level 1-10, which level 10 would give us a 100% to keep the spawner level. Having a level 20 mob spawner and wanting to move it is a really risky thing to do with only a 50% chance to keep the levels. Even hard spawners to upgrade such as emeralds for a example. Having enchanted touch go from level 1-10 I feel would make it easier to move the spawners and safer. Just sucks to have all of the work someone has done on a spawner to just vanish due to it being 50% only to keep the level. Let me know what you all think, if it should be made to level 10 for a 100% to keep the level or if keeping it at a 50% is good enough.


I fully agree.
All the work you do to upgrade those spawners and if you want to relocate or move something it gets really hard because of the 50%. Then you have to grind for another year to upgrade it.