Enable Two Factor Authentication


Good timezone fellow players!

I’m creating this post for the players who do not know what 2FA is and do not know how to enable it.
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2FA is short for Two-Factor Authentication. 2FA adds a significant security factor to your account by requiring you to enter a code whenever you log in. This code is obtained through an app, such as Authy. The code refreshes every 30 seconds. 2FA is bound to an IP for a certain number of days. Your device will be verified for a certain number of days, which means that you will not have to enter a code again while your device is verified. If you log in using another device, you will need to enter a code again to be verified.

The process

NOTE: You will need a phone with a usable number to be able to do this.

I’ll provide steps to enable 2FA on your Uncharted account using Authy on Android. If you have the pictures and instructions for Authy on iOS, feel free to edit this post and add them. :smiley:

The steps below can be performed without a computer until step 8. Please follow the instructions at step 8 for the phone only method.

1. Navigate to https://forum.playuncharted.com/u/username where username is your username in lowercase. You can also click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select the tiny cog that appears in the popup.

2. Locate the “Password” section as shown below and click on the little pencil next to “Enable two factor authentication for enhanced account security”. Screenshot%20from%202018-06-02%2012-25-07

3. You will then enter this screen. Enter your password and click continue. (Don’t worry if you don’t have that icon I have at the end of my password box)

4. After you’ve entered your password and click continue, you will find yourself on this screen (With a real QR code, I blurred mine out). Here is where your phone comes into play.

5. Open the Play Store and look up “Authy”. It should look like shown below.

6. Go ahead and install Authy.

7. Open Authy after it has been installed. Authy will ask you for your phone number and country code. Go ahead and enter both of them, nothing will be done with your phone number except for a verification usage. Select the big blue button with “SMS” on it. Now, wait until Authy sends you the SMS with your registration code. Normally Authy will automatically enter your code and verify you, but if it doesn’t, go ahead and enter the code manually. It should be a bunch of numbers and letters combined, with occasional symbols.

8. Click the 3 dots at the top right corner of your screen and click “Add Account”.
You will now see phone only instructions, by clicking on the text “Phone only”, as shown below.

Phone only

Hey there. This is where the phone only instructions will be located.

9. You should now be at the screen shown below. Go ahead and click scan QR code. Authy will now ask you to take pictures and record video, click allow. Your camera will now be opened.

Phone only

Go ahead and click on the “enter key manually” text. You will now be prompted to enter a code. Remember these steps, you will need to redo them later.

10. Now navigate to https://forum.playuncharted.com/u/username/preferences/second-factor where username is your username in lower case. Enter your password once again.

Phone only

Navigate to https://forum.playuncharted.com/u/username/preferences/second-factor where username is your username in lower case, using your preferred phone browser. If you get an error of some sort, make sure you are logged in to your account!

11. Scan the QR code using your camera. You can do so by placing the QR code in the square that appears on your screen when using the camera.

Phone only

Click on the “Enter manually” text. You will now be given a code. Copy that code and reopen the Authy app. Inside the Authy app, perform the steps I told you to remember, to navigate to the “Adding new Account” prompt asking you for a code/key. Paste your copied code into the text box and hit ok. You can now follow the next steps without any specific instructions. Enjoy! :smiley:

12. Once you have scanned the QR code, the app will open a screen which allows you to customise the name of the account in your app. Once you have entered the name you like, click done.

13. Now enter the 6 white numbers on your screen into the “Code” box. Click “Enable” to enable 2FA on your account. You will now have to enter a code, which changes every 30 seconds, every time you log in to your account with a device that has not yet been verified.

That’s all for this guide. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the server! :blush:

I hope you learned something from this guide and hope to set sail with you again!


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