Efficient money making/farming guide [Tutorial Contest]


The way money on the server works is very simple. There are 2 things you need to keep in mind. Automatic farms and Semi-Automatic farms. (or just breaking the crops manually if u feel like it)

The best and cheapest Automatic Farm on the server is a cactus farm.

The most efficient cactus farms are build up in chunks (a 15x15 area which starts from chunk 0 x 0 which you can see on your F3) (pic: https://gyazo.com/a523e1c77eb1411ae0aba71db8b8e056). Then make 6x6 with fences and sand on top of it and with one block gap between each like shown in the picture. (pic: https://gyazo.com/d98751747655e4d41e6724bc15a11d02) Place a fence one higher than the cactus which is placed between the sand rows as shown in the same picture as the 6x6.

Do the exact same pattern for each layer all the way till build limit. The time to expand from that chunk is when build limit has been hit. This pattern is also the most efficient way since if you’d use blocks then the hitbox of the block can be hit and makes the cactus that has been dropped fall onto another cactus which destroys the dropped cactus. The fences’ hitbox is way smaller which makes the chance of doing so significantly smaller.

Now onto Semi-Automatic Farms (or just a regular farm, which i suggest since Semi-Automatic harvesting can be tricky)

The most efficient Semi-Automatic Farm is a 6 wide, 7 long platform (made in dirt) that repeatedly goes down one block like a staircase. (pic: https://gyazo.com/45a08b6547f6411760e1b34f3a214892)
The platform has to be 6 wide with 1 lane of water on each side of the platform since water hydrates soil 3 blocks away from the water. It also has to be 7 long because water travels only 8 blocks and if it’s 7 long then the last block that the water travels to makes the water go down to the next layer. The dispensers that drop the water, which are shown as cobblestone in the previous picture, have to be placed one higher than your highest platform. (Placing one bucket of water in each dispenser is enough for the water) Make a redstone circuit as shown on the picture (pic: https://gyazo.com/bf08b2d667263926b4d782f91d465c0c) (redstone being shown as hardened clay) that leads to a lever. (The line that leads to the lever can be placed anywhere and can be as long as you want but there is a limit of 15. From that point on you need to use a repeater or the redstone current will be dead) For the area with the hoppers that catches the dropped crops needs to be one layer down from the lowest platform you made. A water source needs to be placed on either side so the water currents collide in the middle where the hoppers are placed. (pic: https://gyazo.com/405e0fdadbf7b6cd6e3be8c75720bdaf) (The hoppers being shown as green wool in the picture) The hoppers will pick up the dropped crops and be placed in the chests that are connected to hoppers. (Which are placed under the stone slabs in the previous picture) After harvesting you need to replace the crops yourself though hence the name “Semi-Automatic” Also something u need to keep in mind is that every crop needs to have a light level of 9+ or else your crops wont grow. The way to check the light level is on F3. (pic: https://gyazo.com/1dfb1096741b81c441d3269e883bc98d)

Before i explained how to make a Semi-Automatic Farm i mentioned saying that in my opinion it is better to not make it Semi-Automatic since you need to wait for every crop to be fully grown. I would just remove the dispensers and remove the hoppers and chests at the bottom just so you can harvest when you want but that is just my own opinion. For the people that are lazy can make it Semi-Automatic.

So there you have it, the most efficient way to make farms and money at the same time. I hope i helped the newer people out that did not know about this method but i advice you to have both farms going at the same time. (Cactus and Potatoes)

Take notes and i hope to see some new millionaires on the server.